Breaking Down Cornwall Police Numbers for July 2020. By Jamie Gilcig

SEPTEMBER 9, 2020 – Can you imagine a City police service refusing to answer emails to its largest newspaper? Most can’t, but that’s what we have to work with here at CFN as Media person Stephanie MacRae, Chief Danny Aikman, and Deputy Chief Shawna Spowart refuse to answer a single email question from this newspaper about police numbers.

So much for open and transparent service, which we pay about $20m per year for in Cornwall with near zero accountability and about zero effort by an elected council as to the value for service we get.

Recently we’ve been hearing a lot about break in in the downtown core which is odd as the downtown core is pretty void of real targets and is usually pretty empty. With no releases seen of cuts to service or hours a reasonable person might wonder what our police officers have been doing during Covid to see this spike in break ins so close to Police HQ?

Based on numbers released from the Police service here is your breakdown of the major calls for service for July 2020.

1363 Calls for Service July 2020

Trouble with Youth 21, Threats 20, Theft 41

Shoplift 22, Neighbor Disputes 35, Motor Vehicle Collisions 70

Mental Health Act 33, Impaired 21, Harassment 16

Family Disputes 22, Drug Offences 9, Disturb the Peace 44

Break & Enter 20, Assault 40, Animal Complaints 13

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