NOVEMBER 13, 2020 – As we see COVID-19 numbers starting to spike with a long Winter ahead it’s time for the Ford Government to truly govern this pandemic.

Some problems you can write a cheque to fix. Healthcare staff are limited. We only have so many and can only add so many. We need to protect each of them as best we can.

Currently the laws are Swiss cheese with loopholes that leave many staff with no apparent choice but to let people into stores without masks or people wearing them under their noses.

Meanwhile suggestions, guidelines, and pleadings, are not really working. Yes the majority of people have common sense, but those that for whatever reason are refusing to mask up, and even worse, march around like lunatics, are putting our economy and health in danger.

We have elected MPP’s like Randy Hillier who appears to have a degree in Virology from the University of Facebook using public resources to fight the wearing of masks and basic common sense. That he has people supporting him shows how critical it is for the Ford Government to step up and crack down across the board with clear laws, a clear enforcement mandate, and clear punishments for those that violate said rules.

Create clear emergency enforceable laws regarding COVID – 19.

Mandatory minimum 3 ply mask wearing in all indoor situations, and outdoor situations where people come into contact with each other period. Zero exceptions. If someone is too sick to wear a mask they are too sick to be shopping or running about. These people, the very tiny few that legitimately exist deserve our support; they do not deserve to wander about without a mask possibly infecting people or getting sick themselves.

Right now in Canada we’re seeing nearly 40% of those testing positive ending up in hospital.

Likewise we’re seeing for example, car repair shops where staff working on cars not wearing masks at all including entering and driving client cars. This is not a good practice.

Staff pulling down masks to speak onto phones. This is utterly insane because if the staff member is infected they have now infected the phone. You can speak with a mask on.

Staff drinking where they work. Most people have a space to consume their food and beverages during break. If you have to remove your mask it should not be in a high traffic area, and certainly not in front of customers.

Social distancing. Stores, especially in the Cornwall area have not been enforcing social distancing. This is critical.

Schools need to be reviewed. Having kids close on school buses, without masks in many cases is insane. Having kids come out at break not wearing masks and huddling together to chat or smoke is equally dangerous. It defeats the measures in schools. If a solution can’t be resolved then schools need to dramatically change or move to video instruction.

Make clear who enforces the laws whether it be in conjunction with Health Units and local police or alternative.

Most people don’t know who is in charge or to complain to. In some places they do but complaints never get resolved.

Without enforcement people who would not follow the rules have an incentive to not do so which puts us all in jeopardy.

All businesses have the absolute right to refuse service without wearing a mask. There are no charter rights that allow you not to wear a mask. This has to be clear and businesses need to do a better job of protecting themselves and their customers.

People are not “afraid” simply because they don’t want to be around people not wearing masks. They simply don’t want a potential life of grief by catching the virus.

Enforce across the board.

In Cornwall alone, No Frills, Your Independent Grocer, Walmart, Canadian Tire, all Dollarama stores, Farm Boy, McDonalds, and many others should all have been fined for their behavior.

When this writer walked into Walmart one morning at opening to avoid crowds eight grocery staff were counted not wearing masks. The greeter who opened the door had his around one ear. Two staff said that they didn’t mask up until opening which frankly is insane! Many of these stores have surveillance cameras which could easily prove what occurred.

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The Health Units need boots on the ground. If they are unable to do so the Ford Government needs to find a solution. Inspections need to be made and after nearly a year of Covid and facing growing numbers it’s not time for Education of Covid, but penalties and enforcement.

We’ve all known about the second wave coming of COVID 19. There is no excuse and you can’t call people “Friends” as our premier does and allow people to become victims of this virus needlessly while passing laws to let people off the hook for doing so.

Premier Ford needs a new Minister of Health who has the ability to succeed in fighting this virus and he needs to focus on the basics of this battle, especially right now. He needs to crack down on anti mask groups and individuals.

And he needs to do this soon.

We all want our economy open and growing. We all want to be with our friends and family more and do activities, but that simply can’t happen unless people adhere to the basics of wearing a mask and social distancing. Sadly we need clear enforced laws from the government to make this happen.

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  1. Very well said, Mr. Gilcig. We need more journalists like you, quite frankly.

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