Cornwall Police Stand By as Over 100 #covidiots Protest in Front of EOHU w Kids & Dogs. By Jamie Gilcig

NOVEMBER 21, 2020 – What a great town for really ignorant #covidiots to hold a rally. And hey, bring the kids and dogs, and don’t forget to go full Trump and leave them ol masks at home.

You can’t make this up. No warnings issued by the EOHU, or the Mayor, Bernadette Clement who sits on the EOHU board, nor the Police Chief or soon to be Police Chief on social media.

Instead we have over 100 people coagulating together on the lawn of our public health unit on a busy Saturday of shopping nearby.

Do you think we’ll see a few more cases in a few weeks? Many of the protesters are coming in from out of town including an actual sitting MPP and lead #covidiot in Ontario, Randy Hillier. He helped promote the event too!

Part of this is because irresponsible media have given attention and credence to local #coviodiots which has led to the bigger ones flocking to good ol Cornwall where we fly most of our Covid patients to Ottawa if they need a respirator.

The CPS have not returned our calls as of publication time and the dispatch at first refused to pass the call to the desk sgt.

We will update as more information becomes available and you can reach us at with your videos and photos.


Police have blocked Pitt at 11th.


After over one hour of standing on the EOHU yard the protesters are now being allowed to march South on Pitt Street towards City Hall.

1:53 PM

1:58 No masks, no social distancing, no police doing their jobs, and quite a few Quebec flags for some reason….

This is how much the protest violated regulations with over 100 protesters who were not wearing masks or remotely social distancing. A Cornwall Police officer when asked why he wasn’t doing anything said it was “above his paygrade” in the video.


  1. Somebody needs to shake that police department out of their coma.

    Fines, go home orders… whatever should have been the order of the day.

  2. Pathetic overpaid CPS officers do nothing for the amount of sunshine pay they receive. Do your JOB. Time to defund Police forces or bring in OPP to police our city as long as no Cornwall Police officers get hired.

  3. I think this is wrong and the cops should of closed this down we will get more cases if this keeps up.if they could have a rally against not wearing masks the people who wants to wear masks should have the right to have a rally of our own stating why we need this lock down and wearing masks.

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