Cornwall Police Failed Community Over Anti Mask Rally as Only 2 Locals Charged. By Jamie Gilcig

December 6, 2020 – While there’s an internal struggle between sides who want Chief Danny Aikman to stay for a few more years and gender politics led by Mayor Clement pushing for Deputy Chief Shawna Spowart to take over, the simply reality is that the CPS is an expensive bauble that the City of Cornwall needs to review. It shows a lack of leadership and execution by those leading the force. Frankly neither Aikman nor Spowart should be chief any longer.

With the cost per capita nearly 50% less by the OPP in SD&G we have just witnessed what happens when you run a bush league operation with a big ticket price. There was no reason why the CPS should’ve allowed a rally of anti mask protestors to spend over an hour on the health unit property making speeches while hugging, not wearing masks, singing the National anthem or even remotely social distancing, and then march down to City Hall and back up Sydney.

After weeks the CPS announced that two were charged, but not the real draws of the event, MPP Randy Hillier and that strange pastor from Aylmer Ontario, but local organizer Caitlyn Richer and Christopher Leclair (Leclair denies he’s been charged).

MPP Hillier was charged for his role in a Toronto protest recently and his son charged and tasered by the OPP after an incident in a Perth Pub where the boys were allegedly refusing to wear masks indoors, and acting like his father.

After pre warning organizers before the march in Cornwall the CPS should’ve been handing out tickets and taking down names.

Even their release didn’t the names of those charged. It’s as though they waited two weeks to see how many people would get sick following the event.

The OPP, who have been cracking down, and the province has sent inspection teams to towns including Cornwall clearly show that the $20M plus per year we spend in Cornwall on Policing is money that could be better spent. It shows an utter failure by the health unit as well who allegedly have no issued a single fine since the Spring while stores have far too many not wearing masks or wearing them under their noses or chins.

The OPP for example could’ve pulled in more officers from nearby detachments itself. Why Cornwall didn’t ask the OPP for help and crack down on the rally is a question that the CPS is refusing to answer.

In the meanwhile all the public can do is wear their masks, social distance, and try and ride out the Winter.

No word yet if the police will crack down on Ms Richer’s next rally that she’s called for publicly, but hopefully the court will see that evidence as it clearly shows cause for a heavier sentence and fine.

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  1. The press release for the next “covididiot rally” states that they are organizing at pot luck & chili meal this coming saturday. Wondering out loud, if, the “EOHU” who has been, for the most part, MIA as far as enforcing their laws, will awaken from hibernation & check out the food distribution of this group at their rally ? Will they be following the health codes, which are Provincially mandated ? Or, will they (covididiots) be given another free pass ?

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