By Dawn Ford – All rights reserved.

DECEMBER 18, 2020 – Claudette watched her bother as he stared out the window at the blowing snow. She knew him well. He was a year older than her, ten years old, and a very smart little elf. He left the room for a bit but returned to the window seemingly lost in thought.

“Dom”, she finally said, “What are you up to now?”

“I was thinking how great it would be to go in Santa’s sleigh Christmas Eve and travel all over the world.”

“Are you crazy? You would freeze to death”, she replied.

“You could come too. We could hide in his toy bag. He won’t even know we are there. He has another little toy bag that he puts in the toys for each home which he carries down the chimney. “

“The big one will be full of toys. How could we hide?”

“One day I was with Dad at the Reindeer stable. He’s in charge of it, remember? He and Santa were talking about how great the bag is that it can stretch as big as Santa needs it for all the toys. We are small little elves and could hide easily.”

“What about Mom and Dad? They would be so worried.”

“They will be at the dance in the hall Christmas Eve – Grandma will be babysitting and you know she always falls asleep. Santa will go into the hall to wish everyone a Merry Christmas like he does every year and that’s when we could get in the sleigh. We can leave Mom and Dad a note saying we are with Santa, not to worry. We could even bring a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bottle of water with us.”

“Ok, I’m game.”

Good”. Make sure you dress warm with boots, toque and snow suit. We will be ok and have a great time.”

“Will do, brother of mine,” she laughed. “Should be an adventure for sure.”

The next evening, just about at dusk, after their parents, Evelyn and Ran had gone to the party, Dom and Claudette saw that Grandma was fast asleep near the fireplace. They sneaked out dressed in warm clothes taking their snack along and ran to the stable. The reindeer snorted a greeting when they saw the two little elves. There wasn’t anyone around, so they leaped onto the seat of the sleigh, squirmed into the big toy bag and pushed toys aside until they felt that they weren’t visible.

“Can you breathe ok?” Dom asked Claudette.

“”I’m fine. You ok?’

” I’m good. I think I hear Santa coming, someone is with him.”

Ranald, their father, was with Santa as he neared the sleigh. The two little elves squirmed even further into the bag.

“All is ready , Santa. Rudolph and your beauties are all set to go. Have a great trip”, Ran said.

“Thanks, Ran. See you in the morning.”

Santa sat on his seat, lifted the reins and said, “I always like to sound like the Lone Ranger who said, “HI OH Silver, away.” Ok, my beautiful team, HI OH and away!”

Up into the sky the sleigh moved and soon was flying through the evening air.

They hadn’t gone too far when Santa got an uneasy feeling. He wasn’t sure what it was but it lingered. Finally he brought his crystal ball from under his seat and looked into it. He couldn’t believe his eyes. At the top of his toy bag he saw two little toques….and four little eyes. Dom! Claudette! Oh boy!!!

Santa said to his team,” We are near Rev. Gary’s home in the rectory of Bobsville – we have to go down.”

The team started their descent and were soon on the icy lawn of the church rectory. Santa got out of his sleigh and in a very stern voice said, “Ok Domynic and Claudette. I know you are in the toy bag. Out!!!”

Two little heads popped up.

Santa again sternly said, “Out of the bag, Domynic and Claudette!! I know you are in there. Hop on the seat and off the sleigh”.

Two little nervous elves did as he told them to do and were soon red-faced in front of Santa.

“And just what are you two up to tonight, I would like to know?”

Dom sheepishly answered, ” We were going with you to see the world.”

“You would freeze!!. There are all kinds of metal toys in that bag and metal is very cold.”

“Sorry Santa. We thought it would be fun”

“I am going to bring you to Rev. Gary and his wife Sheila’s house here. You could stay for the night and I will pick you up in the morning. OK?”

The two little elves nodded.

Santa brought them to Rev. Gary’s door which was just opening. Rev.Gary and his wife Sheila welcome the threesome into their home . Santa introduced Claudette and Domynic . He explained gently what had happened and asked if Dom and Claudette could spend the night with them and that he would pick up the two little friends in the morning. Rev Gary said that Claudette and Dom were very welcome . Dinner was just being prepared and after dinner there would be an evening church service which Dom and Claudette could attend with them.

Sheila said to the two little elves to come with her to the den where they could put their snowsuits and boots while she went to the kitchen for a few minutes to check on dinner.

Inside the den, Dom looked around and finding a side door said to Claudette, “Quick, we can go out that door get back in the bag before we are missed.”

They raced out the door and were back hidden in the bag in seconds.

Santa asked if Gary would call Mrs. Claus so she could tell the elves parents, Evelyn and Ran, where the little ones were. He thanked Gary and was soon back in his sleigh ready to take off.

All of a sudden he had that strange feeling again. He quickly looked into his crystal ball and could see at the top of the huge bag a tiny red hat.

“Oh, no! Not again!!”

At this point, Rev. Gary opened his door and yelled to Santa that the two elves were not in the house.

Santa got the two little naughty elves out of his bag and brought them back to the house. He was very stern with them and told them to stay put – he would pick them up in the morning. This time Rev. Gary had one by the hand and Sheila had the other. No escape possible. Santa left, got in his sleigh and flew through the air.

Rev. Gary and Sheila brought the two elves into the dining room, fed them and got them ready to go to church. There was hardly a peep out of them.

At the church service, Dom and Claudette sat in a front row with Shelia close to a Nativity scene. Music filled the air that evening as happy voices sang out beautiful carols.

Dom looked at the Nativity Scene of statues of Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus surrounded by Angels, Sheppard’s, cattle and sheep.

He pointed out to Claudette the little Babe lying in the manger.

“This is what it is all about – the birth of the Baby Jesus. “

Claudette smiled and said, “It is a beautiful Little One in the crib. Yes, it is a special night. We are so lucky to be here and to be warm and cared for.”

Soon voices of the choir. were singing the last hymn , “Oh, ‘Holy Night”. People stood up as did Sheila , Dom and Claudette and joined the joyous voices of the c congregation…….

” O night when Christ was born.

O night divine. O night, O night divine.”

After the service was over, Rev. Gary and Sheila brought Dom and Claudette back to the house, gave them a snack and put them to be. They slept well, snug and warm.

At dawn, Santa arrived to get his two little friends. The three of them hugged Sheila and Rev. Gary and thanked them. Rev. Gary and Santa helped the two little elves into his big empty toy bag and wrapped the two in blankets so they would be warm for the short journey. Soon they were flying through the air with Santa in his sleigh homeward bound.

As the sleigh came to a stop at the elves’ home, the door of the house opened and Evelyn and Ran came out to greet the travellers. Santa said to one side to Ran but loud enough so Dom could overhear, “Starting tomorrow at 6am I expect these two to be at the Reindeer’s stable every morning to help feed and groom the reindeer….for one month.”

To Claudette and Dom he said, “Starting tomorrow I want you two to be at the Reindeer’s stable at 6am to help feed and groom the reindeer for……”

Dom burst in, “Oh not for a whole week, Santa. It is our Christmas holiday week from school. Oh, no, A week is too long Not a whole week.”

Santa winked at Ran and said, “Yes, a whole week. Every morning at 6am. Now, I am off to have breakfast with my beautiful wife. Merry Christmas. And he was gone.

Evelyn told the two little elves to come to the kitchen for breakfast.

Dom whispered to Claudette,” I heard Santa say a whole month to Dad – that’s why I made a big fuss about a week. Worked.”

“Sometimes I think you are a bit of a mischievous little monkey”, Claudette teased.

” Ho Ho Ho!!! It takes one to know one”, Dom laughed and gave her a big hug. Merry Christmas, Sis. Let’s go eat!”

Santa was enjoying his breakfast telling Mrs. Claus all about the night’s adventures and the two little elves.

He said, “I said to Ran that they should come to the stable for a whole month at 6am to help feed and groom the reindeer, knowing Dom was listening. I wanted to see what Dom would say. Sure enough, he burst in with, ‘Oh, not a whole week’ like a week was terrible. Ran and I agreed with a wink that a week was enough. Dom is a very intelligent and smart little elf and will be a big asset to the village when he grows up. Right now he is a mischievous little monkey.”

“You know, Santa, sometimes I think you are a bit of a mischievous little monkey”, Mrs. Claus jokingly said.

” Ho Ho Ho!!! It takes one to know one,” Santa joked back. ” Merry Christmas, my pet”, he said as he gave her a big hug. Merry Christmas.”

Merry Christmas everyone.

The End.

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