View From the Hill. By Keith Beardsley – A Pandemic of Stupidity #cdnpoli

JANUARY 2, 2021 – Stupidity seems to have infected the political class including- MLA’s, ministers, and political staff.

What do they NOT get about restricting travel during the COVID pandemic, especially in provinces with a lock down in place?

It is pretty simple- when the health advice on federal and provincial websites is asking you to stay at home- why would you take off for Hawaii, the UK, or a Caribbean island?

All have the same ridiculous apology to offer- they are so sorry. Sure, once they got caught!

One premier-Jason Kenney even offered some cover for his bunch of delinquents. Why?

Every one of these travelers should pay a political price for their stupidity.

While the spotlight is usually on government members, even the opposition can get caught up in feeling too self-important. Sadly, the “don’t do as I do, just do what I say” attitude inflicts politicians and staff at all levels and in all parties.

Yes, they are entitled to a holiday- try a staycation like the rest of us.

This feeling of entitlement is quite common when governments are into their second or third mandate, but some of these are first term governments. I can only imagine what these individuals will be like if they survive into a second or third mandate.

The best advice we used to give our MPs was think before you act and how would it look on the front page of the Globe and Mail or Toronto Star?

It is this type of entitled behavior that makes a mockery of their own governments pandemic efforts and encourages the population to also flout the rules.

I doubt they can be fined or docked pay, but I would love their bosses to publicly ask them to donate their entire salary (for the days they broke the rules) to a charity, preferably one working with COVID-19 patients.

Maybe then they will learn they are not so important or above the rules the rest of us live by.

What do you think?


Keith is a former Conservative political staffer with over 50 years of active involvement in Canadian politics. During that time, he has held quite a few party positions as well as political staff positions. Most recently, Keith was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Issues Management with Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper (2003-2008). Prior to that he worked as an advisor in the Leader’s Office for Peter Mackay, Joe Clark and Jean Charest. Keith also served as the Chief of Staff to the minister in three Federal departments during Brian Mulroney’s government (1984-89). Additional political experience came as the staff person in charge of Question Period from 1997-2008 where he served in both the Opposition and Government roles. Keith is also known for having created one of the most effective political rapid response teams in Canadian politics. He also has municipal experience and he was a city councilor in a suburb of Montreal. Known for his bluntness and to the point comments, this blog is also known for its fairness and respectful treatment of politicians from all parties. A well-known political pundit, Keith has appeared many times on Canadian political panels and he has been interviewed by major Canadian networks including CTV, CBC, Global. He has also given presentations/speeches in various parts of Canada and the USA.


  1. We don’t want people like that leading our country.

  2. This from an old old friend, great article , while I sit here in this Canadian winter for the first time in a decade. Am I upset that Canadians are disobeying our politicians directions and sneak off to warmer places, Well only when they send pictures getting there Covid 19 vaccines before there golf tee time later in the day. Yes, I am upset because the Canadian Federal government closed the land borders , BUT left air travel Wide Open to not only Canadians to fly out of Canada but also Air passengers to fly INTO Canada. During this epidemic Canadians should have been banned to fly out of Canada PERIOD. My only goal this winter is to push local politicians and Health providers on when should I expect to be Vaccinated, and given that I am older than you I should be FIRST, LOL Steve Armstrong

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