Here’s Why You Need to Wear a Face Mask Even After Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

In a world where the global pandemic has left people frazzled and in distress, the Covid-19 vaccines in several countries have come out as a breath of fresh air and hope. But, simply getting the vaccine doesn’t warrant that you can stop wearing face masks or not practice social distancing. Even though these vaccines have been tested for several trials and several impacts, we can’t deny the fact that the vaccines have been developed in a hurry. This means that there could be flaws that we need to practice maximum protection against the virus.

If you are planning on ditching masks or other health protocols just because you have gotten the vaccination, here’s why you shouldn’t.

  • It doesn’t ensure complete immunity

As we just said, the vaccine has been made available for public safety to reduce further spread and transmission of the virus. It has been found to provide individuals with up to 95% immunity, so there are still 5% chances that you might end up getting the virus. So, if you live in countries or cities with a higher spread of the virus, you must wear proper protective masks and practice social distancing, even after getting the vaccination to protect yourself against the virus.

  • To avoid infecting others

Covid-19 has a very notorious trait of being asymptomatic in some patients. So, even if you have the virus, but you have good immunity, there are chances that you might not experience any ill-effects of the virus but end up infecting someone else in the process. It is still unclear whether the individuals who have gotten the virus can spread the virus to other people or not. But, just to be on the safe side, it is always better that you avoid rushing into things and wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth to ensure that you don’t end up accidentally infecting someone with comorbidities or poor health.

  • It takes time to develop herd immunity

Just because everyone in the country is getting the vaccination doesn’t mean that the herd immunity is sorted. That is not how things work. So, it is a given that you need to be careful about the process. Instead of taking things casually just because you have gotten the vaccination, you need to wait till the “herd immunity” has developed in the people surrounding you. Some of the health experts believe that the development of herd immunity might only be possible in just 60-70% of the patients. 

So, instead of being irresponsible, you need to be aware of your duty as a citizen. Wear the correct masks and practice social distancing even after getting the vaccination. Wearing the correct types of masks is important and you can buy mask here in the best quality. You should also limit your outdoor exposures after the vaccination, which means that there is no point loitering around if there is no need for the same. Practice the rules of hygiene as shared by WHO and stick to the guidelines and protocols because simply getting the vaccination doesn’t guarantee complete immunization.

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