Accidental death of Russia’s sexiest poker player and other tragic cases

No way! Russia’s most explosively hot poker player has died in the bathroom by hair dryer. In memory of talented Liliya Novikova, we have compiled a list of promising, but dead gamblers. This article was written by duxcasino, a legit online casino with real pay outs.

Sexy pro player died by hair dryer

Gorgeous Liliya Novikova shockingly died at the age of just 26-years-old. She was a member of PokerStars pro team and a Twitch streamer with 25,000 followers. According to the investigation, the death was caused by electrocution from the hair dryer in her Moscow apartment. The girl was found naked in the bathroom by her neighbour, with no signs of suspicious circumstances. The tragedy happened just four days before her 27th birthday. Her last Instagram post was “The main mistake of a beginner or why it is so difficult to beat microlimites in poker”. Despite her curvy body, massive breasts and hazel eyes, she was never into trash-talk or sexual streaming. Her content was made for educational purposes only and covered topics like:

  • how to overcome a down streak
  • how to deal with tilt 
  • how to change a poker room
  • whether to use GTO calculating on micro limits 
  • top strategy tips for preflop betting
  • is limping bad?
  • how to build a poker bankroll from scratch
  • exploit or GTO?
  • how to get started playing online poker?
  • played a stupid hand, now you’re messing yourself up. What to do?
  • tips to improving 3-bet strategy
  • how to dominate in 3-bet pot 

R.I.P. darling 

Her biggest success was winning 1st place at the European Poker Tour EPT Prague 2015, with a prize of $50,000. She was an engineering graduate, maths prodigy, ex-Dota Pro, Twitch streamer and the princess of Sochi Casino & Resort. Prior to her shocking death, she announced a celebration Twitch party. Without a doubt, she was the most promising and sexy gamblers of recent years. 

The list of shocking deaths in gambling history

Until we cover other tragic cases in gambling history, play casino games online

Dead for €4,000

Icelandic professional poker player Jon Jonsson, went missing when in Ireland for the Dublin Poker Festival. For a couple of months, police found no trace of the gambler and the only evidence was the record of him leaving the Bonnington Hotel, but in October 2020, Irish police were informed of revelations surrounding his death: he had taken part in an illegal high stakes poker game where he lost his bankroll. The next day he had visited the money man and was killed for just €4,000. 

Austrian pro gamer becomes butcher

The death of Austrian poker pro Mario Zwanzleitner and his girlfriend happened six months ago in Vienna and the details are breathtaking. He was often reckless on poker streams, but what made him decide to kill his girlfriend with a hammer and stab himself to death? Nobody knows, but we can draw conclusions from his police records with some shockings incidents. He was an active live poker tournament player and won more than $83,000.

150 samurai strikes

One of the most violent murders in gambling history is was that of Akio Kashiwagi, a Tokyo property developer. He died from 150 samurai strikes in his Japan home near Mount Fuji. He was one of the biggest high stakes player in Las Vegas during the 90s. He normally wagered between $100,000 and $200,000 per hand while playing baccarat. He made a deal with Donald Trump that he would play at the Trump Taj Mahal casino until winning or losing $12million. He started lucky and won over $10million, but then stepped into a losing streak and heavily lost. His bio would make a great scenario for a Hollywood movie.

Stu Ungar’s last hand

One of most famous poker stories was that of Stu Ungar, who became the youngest winner of the WSOP bracelet. He seemed like a teenager sitting among the poker gurus. His death wasn’t really unexpected, because of his long-term alcohol abuse, but he seemed unbeatable sitting at the poker table. He won the WSOP main event three times as well as other prestigious tournaments of his time. He died at the Oasis Motel in Las Vegas, Nevada. As one documentary on YouTube tells, when Stu Ungar died, the whole era of old school poker died. Stu Ungar was one of the first examples of a poker player with a rock star lifestyle. A biopic movie based on his life, High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story, was released in 2003.

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