Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Happy 105th & Glengarry Fencibles Update

MAY 24, 2021 – A wonderful Cornwall senior, born in 1916, celebrated her 105th birthday this year on May 6th. Edna Dorey is a lovely lady. When you see her out walking, she is so spry that you would never guess her age.

(Photo courtesy of Dorenda Dorey)

Edna was born in the Alfred Township, ON in 1916. She worked in Prescott, ON where she met Royal Leonard Joseph Dorey and they married on New Year’s Eve, 1939.They moved to Cornwall in 1940. They had six children (Charles, Ann deceased, Phillip, Linda, Dorenda and David).

She has been a very active member of Trinity Anglican Church and has given many hours of volunteer work to the church activities.

She lives at Beek Lindsay Seniors Residence with her daughter Dorenda.

Happy Birthday, Edna.

The Glengarry Fencibles, a non-profit group of volunteers are busy raising donations and renovating the historic Bishop’s House in St. Raphael’s, ON. Brenda Baxter, the President, has sent this photo of Brendan Robertson from Dwyer Glass doing custom work onsite, replacing panes of glass. The workers apparently brought different types of glass so they could restore the glass appropriately.

You can see the long driveway from the building area to the King’s Road with a great view of The Ruins across the road.

Mount Carmel House Treatment Center was housed in the Bishop’s Palace from 1981 to 1996 where I worked for 14 years. Fellow staff members and I walked along that road many times, going to visit The Ruins. Next door on the east side to MCH was a school and Shalom House. There was a driveway from the Shalom House also, making a U driveway. Lots of good exercise during lunch breaks, walking along, listening to the wind in the trees and the birds singing. Beautiful scenery. We would go back to work refreshed.

For more information on the Glengarry Fencibles and the renovations of the Bishop’s House or to make a donation, go to:

Brenda thanks so much for sharing this photo with us.

Limericks are fun. Here is one, author unknown:

“There once was a fellow from Leeds

Who swallowed a packet of seeds.

It soon came to pass,

He was covered in grass,

But he has all the tomatoes he needs.”

Seniors wondering about grocery shopping and cooking meals these days have a couple of other choices.

The Meals on Wheels Program, provided by the Glen Stor Dun Lodge in Cornwall is available, delivered right to your door. Frozen meals are also available. Call 613-933-3384, ext. 4263 for more information on their delicious meals.

And, Heart to Home Meals has a new brochure of their scrumptious food with over 200 delicious frozen choices, delivered to your door, Call 1-844-384-2333 for information.

A friend sent in this joke:

The NILE Virus (Type C)

I thought you would want to know about this virus. It appears to target those born prior to 1950. The lockdown seems to be increasing the chances of being affected!!

Virus symptoms

1) Causes you to send the same E-Mail twice.

2) Causes you to send a blank E-Mail.

3) Causes you to send an E-Mail to the wrong person.

4) Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you.

5) Causes you to forget to attach the attachment.

6) Causes you to hit SEND before you are finished.

7) Causes you to hit DELETE instead of SEND.

8)) Causes you to hit SEND when you should DELETE.

This virus is called the C-NILE virus.

A lot of us have already been inflicted with this disease and unfortunately as we age, it gets worse.

And if you can’t admit to doing any of the above, you’ve obviously caught the other strain – the D-NILE virus.

Have a good week, Dawn

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