Seniors Situation Room. By Dawn Ford – Covid-19 Confusion & Book Release!

JULY 29, 2021 – There seems to be a lot of confusion about the COVD-19 Virus. One minute the WHO is saying to please wear your masks, keep your distance and follow health regulations because the Delta virus is spreading globally. Then on TV you watch a golf tournament in the USA and see none, if any, masks on the spectators or at other sports events.

Same thing at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta on TV and now we have the Olympics in Tokyo with over 350 Canadian participants. They will be returning to Canada one day. On TV recently I heard a professional saying that they didn’t know if the masks make any difference. Now in the UK they have opened up despite the fact that the virus cases are way up. And in the US cases are up which they attribute to people not vaccinated, calling it “a Pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

What to do?? I guess the best thing to do is what one of the COVD 19 testers told me – “do what you have to do to protect yourself….no one can do it for you”. Wise advice because you do not know if the person near you has had their shots or not or has been around someone who maybe asymptomatic. Keep well and safe.

A funny limerick by Denise Rodgers:

There was a young fella from Boca

Who liked to play five dollar poka.

He laughed and drank booze.

Did he win? No he’s lose.

And that’s why this fella went broka.

In their latest newsletter the Alzheimer Society of Ontario is hoping to put an end to the myths surrounding Alzheimer disease and dementia. It says that people in their 40’s and 50’s can be diagnosed with dementia, named” young onset dementia”.

I remember many years ago when I was nursing in the hospital that a middle-aged female patient was diagnosed with dementia. We were all surprised at the age factor.

You can download their very interesting brochure about the myths vs. realities of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia on their website: https://a;

There is also a toll free phone #: 1-800-879-4226 for more information and /or call: 613-932-4914 for our local office.

When we were in our twenties another nurse and close friend, the late Gloria McLennan, and I took a two week trip to Mexico. Talk about adventuresome – neither of us had probably been anywhere too far other than maybe Toronto or Ottawa. We boarded a plane in Montreal and flew to Mexico City for one week. Having seen lots of the interesting tourists places we then got on a rickety old bus and rode to Acapulco.

It was so beautiful. We stayed at a inn across from a beach. But…after a few days,Gloria got the mumps. Both cheeks out like a chipmunk with a mouthful. She was in quarantine in her room for days. I used to get her milkshakes and her food. Because of her illness, we sent a letter to our Director of Nursing at the Cornwall General Hospital where we worked and asked for an extension on our holiday leave. No problem. We ended up staying for six weeks instead of two. Luckily the Inn was affordable and our money held out.

We met lots of wonderful people mostly from the US and the two of us went out in the evenings when Gloria got better to clubs, dinner, etc. with a lot of them. We had made a pact to not go out alone. We attended a bullfight which I did not like one bit.

At the end of our stay it was time to go home and we travelled back to Mexico City and got a plane for Montreal .

I have kept the stubs of the airplane tickets and baggage checks with all the photos I took. We flew with Canadian Pacific Air Lines Ltd. and the fare both ways was $289.80 each. Hard to believe but it says Montreal to Mexico City to Montreal….imagine.!! That was many moons ago.

It was a wonderful trip to remember.

On August 14th I will have written for the CFN for 9 years. Where did the time go?? Seems like yesterday that Don Smith , a friend who was on staff at CFN asked me if I was interested in writing a seniors column. I thought at the time it was an opportunity to do some advocacy, write about the joys of growing up in Cornwall and have some fun. It has been a great experience. Jamie Gilcig, the Editor has been supportive and always helpful.

Time to bring up the subject…again…of lifelines. Another friend, who lives alone in a senior apt. I know, was on the floor all night having suffered a fall. Fortunately her daughter keeps good tabs on her and now the lady is in hospital. She has used a walker in the past because she was unsteady. I had talked with her before about getting a lifeline but she said it would interfere with her independence. Well, her fall has done that, not the lifeline.

Anyone living alone, please please consider getting a lifeline. It could save your life one day or prolonged serious injury. I have one and it is worth every penny of peace of mind.

A friend Jack sent me this great and very old photo of the Silver Bridge in the east end of Cornwall on Race Street. We used to dive off the rickety old bridge when we were young kids. Gone now.

In the photo you can see a guy on the top of it getting ready to dive. We loved it.

Since Tiger likes to take baths in his water bowl or whatever he is doing, I have a solution. A friend said to put the bowl of water in a dish like a Pyrex dish so that when he tips it, the splash goes into the larger dish. It works . He does manage to get a bit on himself and the floor though because he also moves it all. What a cat!!

A few jokes from a friend:

Q: Why did the witches’ team lose the baseball game?

A: Their bats flew away.

Q:Why couldn’t the leopard play hide and seek?

A: Because he was already spotted.

Q: What starts with an E, ends with an E and has only one letter in it?

A: An envelope.

A three year boy sits near a pregnant woman.

Boy: Why do you look so fat?

Pregnant woman: I have a baby inside me.

Boy: Is it a good baby?

Pregnant woman: Yes, a very good baby.

Boy: Then why did you eat it???

Have a good week, Dawn

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