Cornwall Area #antivaxxers Light Up School Covid-19 Cases in First Week Back. By Jamie Gilcig

SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 – It didn’t take long. St. Lawrence Secondary in Cornwall just announced a case of Covid from a student. It didn’t state whether the case came to the school or was transmitted in the school. LINK

Several other schools have been suggested on social media to also have cases including; L’Heritage, Viscount & Citadel.

The EOHU is still refusing to let CFN reach them to ask questions and blocks us on their social media pages which of course makes our jobs as journalists more difficult.

The health unit is not publishing school Covid info on its homepage, but rather emailing parents/guardians which also causes more speculation.

Cornwall is seeing an uptick because of a #covidiot antivaxxer rally in front of its hospital on September 4th which the EOHU has confirmed cases and issued guidance on.

The Delta variant is said to be a “family” type virus in that if one person in a residence has it usually everyone in the house gets it as it has a very high rate of spread. That of course can repeat in schools and areas which limited ventilation and poor Covid protocols.

Cornwall also sadly has very poor rates of enforcement of Covid guidelines and regulations with a Chamber of Commerce trying to exert dangerous protocols for local businesses instead of simply pushing for the common sense of no vax, no entry with all employees being vaccinated or terminated.

The good news is that if you’ve had both vaccines for Covid your chance of getting severe illness or death are greatly reduced and most patients in regional hospitals have not been vaccinated. Exacerbating Cornwall’s situation is that Akwesasne residents have very low vaccine rates and still are able to drive over the bridge without showing proof of vaccination which MPP Eric Duncan hasn’t said a peep about

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  1. Did not take long for the anti maskers, anti-vacciners to disrupt another school year. No respect for any of the kids in the community, just their selfish individuals. Keep trying and maybe they can get us in another lockdown and the kids can be out of school for another year. No brains no thoughts, just selfish selfish selfish beliefs

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