September 13, 2021 – We don’t live in the wacky US of A. Here in Canada we have socialized medicine. We also have a bunch of disgusting anti vax protesters who are gaining attention by protesting at hospitals. The very places many of them will need as they get sick from Covid as we’re seeing right now in our community.

While I fully support the right to democracy including the right to protest; health orders and public safety all come first.

Sadly that is not the case for the Ford government that has mostly sat on its hands allowing criminals like renegade MPP Randy Hillier to run amok.

How Hillier isn’t in jail is boggling and an insult to Canadians and Ontarians. While he has been charged and ticketed nearly two dozen times he still is walking free making money off of his sign biz and using tax dollars via his office staff to support his illegal campaign.

This is insane. Almost as insane as allowing protests near hospitals during a pandemic straining already strained healthcare workers and patients.

This isn’t rocket science. Any protest, even outdoors should be governed by health protocols. Masks and social distancing required. No masks, no social distancing; the police HAVE to do their jobs.

The cost of an ICU bed can be as much as $25,000 per day. It costs more to do a PCMR test than to vaccinate someone. While it’s easy for politicians to say we’ll put more cash into our healthcare system we simply do not have people available to fill those positions.

Government weakness has led to illegal behavior and insanity like hospital protests because they cause confusion and embolden the criminal element; and there is a strong element of criminal behavior woven into these groups.

We need to protect our hospitals and healthcare workers. We need to protect our communities. We need our government to do their job; as hard as it may be sometimes.

We need Doug Ford to step up or step down. We need immediate legislation to put in place more protections against these thugs.


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  1. Many thanks. Finally, some sanity in journalism!

  2. Your left wing opinion is why OUR FREEDOMS are being challenged. I am a FREE CANADIAN CITIZEN and will never trust ANYONE who thinks they have the right to take my rights and freedom away. I believe that any one who votes in favour of taking away rights and freedoms is a TRAITOR to Canada and its people. Shame on you Mr. Gilcig for being so narrow minded.

  3. Author

    Kelly considering where you work perhaps you should consider looking up the Charter and what rights and freedoms you truly have as you clearly don’t have a grasp by your post.

    There are many instances where you have to be vaccinated to have access to certain features in life. You also have to follow the laws of the land. It’s pretty simple and clearly something that you and other anti vaxxers just don’t get.

    You have the choice. If you refuse to follow emergency health orders and take a proven vaccine then you are making a choice that you have to live with. You don’t get to smoke in restaurants any longer right? You don’t have a god given right to inflict illness on people. It’s that simple. And the sooner people like you get that the sooner we can recover and move forward as a society.

  4. Do you consider religious exemptions to be “anti vaxx”? FYI, 99.9% of the population is not anti vax, just some are anti sarscov2 vaccine. And many of us “heros” who showed up to work in LTC outbreaks when there was no vaccine are being throw in the trash now, no matter how passionate or good we are in our fields.

  5. Author

    Sorry, viruses really don’t care about religion or politics. If you truly care and work in LTC you will get your vaccines. It’s past flat earth debate time.

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