Why the Conservatives Can’t Beat Justin Trudeau. By Jamie Gilcig #cdnpoli

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 – So it’s election day and Justin Trudeau is flirting with a Majority victory. The blessing is that it’s been a short election, but for those that truly care about having a strong democracy there should be much cause for concern.

Small media outlets like this one have not had any ad dollars spent by the Federal government this election and it’s not because we don’t have viewers.

CFN has had media releases from the Conservatives, but the Liberals and NDP can’t be bothered with Independent local media it appear, regardless of our viewership and metrics. We had a single appeal from Elections Canada for a free ad while they were buying ads on our corporate competition and radio.

We have had releases from both the Green and PPC parties, but frankly without strong media voices Democracy crumbles.

Erin O’Toole was not the man for the job. He was better than Andrew Scheer, but frankly my dog poops out better candidates than Mr. Scheer was.

There are core issues in the Conservative brand . Canadians simply do not trust them. They don’t feel that the Cons are there for them.

This election was all about Covid. Not just in how the government handled the pandemic, but how it will handle Covid coming out of the pandemic. Clearly Canadians felt stronger about the odds of the Liberals and NDP supporting them than the Cons who couldn’t even commit to having all of their candidates vaccinated.

This election wasn’t about First Nations Rights, Afghanistan, the environment, or most of the issues blathered away about in certain media and on the debates. It was about how average Canadians can survive with a housing crisis, gas gouging, and inflation. It was about seniors not getting enough support. It was about CRB being cut when people need it most.

The Conservatives need to take a hard look in the mirror. They need to define what their party stands for rather than let the public define them and you can’t blame Canadians when we see and hear some of the bizarre contradictoril messaging that came from the party.

Mr. Trudeau and the Liberals should’ve been easily beaten in both this election and the last. He wasn’t and won’t, not because he played a better game of thrones, but because the Conservatives failed to put a leader in place, such as Rona Ambrose, who’d have a chance of beating him, and failing to put together a base that more Canadians could support.

Even with his insane pandering to Quebec, Mr. O’Toole will probably see the Liberals gain in the province because Quebec isn’t Alberta. Quebecers go with the winner generally, and the O’Toole campaign imploded when Jason Kenney’s Alberta saw it’s Covid numbers go through the roof.

And while Anti Vaxxers may make more noise; they are in the vast minority.

We the majority are speaking in this election. We’re saying we’re not that happy with the way things are, but we sure as heck would not be happy with the nonsensical position mounted by Erin O’Toole and his party.

Sadly the Conservatives have done such a poor job that Mr. Trudeau may get his majority because of their failures and the antivax PPC.


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