September 23, 2021 – It’s common sense really. If you work with the public, especially vulnerable public, you need to be vaccinated against a virus that has killed millions during this world wide pandemic.

Tragically in Ontario and other parts of Canada this isn’t to be.

Corruption, especially political corruption is a virus’s best friend . You see viruses don’t care about politics, money, weekends off, not getting re elected or what plays well with Premier Ford’s drinkin’ buddies.

Viruses just seek more hosts; and they evolve as the Delta variant is showing us.

Running an Independent media outlet is hard. It’s really hard when you’re based in one of the most corrupt areas of Canada. Cornwall’s more known for stinky mills and molesting children. That’s it’s brand even though the mills are gone.

The EOHU, run by Paul Roumeliotis, is no different. Look who’s on its board and you can understand why this newspaper has been cut off during the entire Covid-19 ordeal.

That’s why the basic questions don’t get asked at media briefings of which we are banned. Politics feeds a lot of money to media.. Ask the right questions and end up on the wrong side with them.

We all knew there’d be cases when the kids went back, but the secrecy and madness of how its happening in Cornwall should not be accepted or tolerated. This is neglect.

All staff at the schools should be vaccinated. This may not be the case in what has happened, in particular at Viscount Alexander School. I’ll let one of Canada’s leaders in Covid info express it as he did in twitter:

The scary part of this is that it most likely is the tip of the iceberg as Cornwall is going through a testing crisis, because you know, Dr. Paul I guess, didn’t think that there might be a need for more testing capacity when school opened up again?

From a mom:

My daughter showed mild symptoms on Sept 7th then on Sept 10th it was clear she had spiked a fever. First test at the COVID Assessment Center in Cornwall was available on the 15th. That test takes 48-72hrs for results. 72hrs later we have no results. 2 days delay due to the weekend to which COVID does not observe. 2.5 days delay to get an appointment. 3 days for results…but oops it’s a weekend again and apparently the virus takes a break then.

All this time, our family is required to isolate at home unless vaccinated. We’ve basically given up hope of a result and are assuming it’s negative or we’d get a few calls, right? We just don’t know. By the time Monday rolls around, it will be 10 days from her fever. So pretty much there would be no effective contact tracing for her if positive. Next time there’s a fever in our home, I personally don’t think we can go through this again.

Now in this case the mom followed caution and isolated, but what about a mom that doesn’t follow the rules and how many moms have had this experience in the Cornwall area?

When we get allegations in the office we generally follow rules, but when you have a Health Unit and School board that are hostile it makes our job as journalists harder so we end up sharing info that we wouldn’t normally share out of concern for the public interest because frankly it’s up to our silent majority to protect ourselves and each other as best we can.

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And this is an allegation. Please note that this has not been proven or confirmed.

Hi there. I can verify that the index case is an antivaxxer EA. She and her husband were/are quite sick in hospital. She is an avid follower of Jason Christoff. Not sure their status now. The husband works as an EA at Tagwi. Their son was also positive case at St Joe’s. And apparently the daughter works as a teacher in town. (Not sure the school) Not sure if she was positive I’m assuming so.

I have emailed the principal of Viscount and asked if unvaccinated teachers are rapid tested? No response. In other news, the COVID testing lines here in Cornwall are swamped right now. I have kids that have symptoms and I can’t get an appt. I have to drive to Winchester or Ottawa. So testing capacity has not ramped up with demand AT ALL! Shoppers won’t rapid test if your kid has symptoms so we are out of luck.

We’ve tried to confirm the details of the allegations and others we’ve received and will continue to. We will update as more information becomes available, but clearly, not closing this school is an issue. Do staff wear masks in the teacher’s lounge or work areas? Masks under the nose?

Now add to this Roumeliotis’ capitulation to the Chamber of Commerce and not invoking a vaccine mandate and you have a recipe for community spread in a community with a low vaccine rate and Jason Christoff & his Anti Vaxxer supporters running amok.

People should be able to shop safely. Our kids should be able to go to school without fear that a possible #covidiot is in close proximity to them and we sure as heck should not have to face Covid, when we’re at our most vulnerable, in a healthcare situation.

Clearly action needs to be taken in Cornwall to ensure school and community safety.



    Sorry antivaxxers. You don’t get to post false information on this newspaper. Go get your vaccine, wear your masks, social distance and be a part of the solution.

  2. Not sure if it’s the same scenario from St Joe’s, but a student who had BOTH parents with Covid, all three unvaxxed, returned to school after less than a week of being at home (gr.8). This student hangs around other students at lunch. He was not tested, but just had no symptoms. Whyyyyy did the school allow him to come back without the 10 isolation ? Minimum ! I’m assuming it’s the same family. Not believing in covid when you are in the hospital with covid then sending your possibly covid infected child (who did have all the symptoms) back without a neg test is RIDICULOUS. I would like to not wear a mask and not have to deal with this every day but JFC this is what we’re dealing with. Not to mention, during the long weekend, Christoff sent emails to almost ALL educators in the region accusing them of participating in what amounted to child abuse because they are allowing vaccine clinics in schools (like teachers have anything to do with this). Can you imagine the energy it took this human to go through every schools staff list and email them this garbage ? He has also previously done the same with CAS workers.

  3. Just so you know, those staff that do not wish to get the vaccine ARE required to do rapid testing to ensure that they are not positive before going to work.

  4. Author

    Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it. Covid-19 doesn’t accommodate. VA is a school full of mostly unvaxxed kids until we start shots this year. There should be zero tolerance. No vax, no job.

  5. There a outbreak in the fire service of south Glengarry as well because of a non vaccine individual now we are all stuck wondering how many cases there will be and no one seems to have any answer to why this was allowed. Guess working 9-3 and getting paid largely for it by tax payers doesn’t get you answers. Council should just save there money on signs next October cause there not a chance any of these clowns can be re elected with the job they have done. They worry more about garbage bag limits then actual covid and trying to find out where frank the tank who still hasn’t stepped down will end up at as he continues to go to spots he not allowed to be. We need change and we need it now because ppl are at risk when all there doing is volunteering for twsp positions to help the community while big fish keep getting paid and are quiet and saying we can’t tell anyone about covid cases

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