Have you ever dreamt of leading a club or team all the way to glory as a manager from the touchline? Are you the kind of person who fancies taking head-on decisions? No matter what sport you prefer watching, the sport simulation genre possesses a striking variety of gaming titles.

Simulation game titles are quite famed in the world of sports. They provide a platform wherein one can express their leadership and decision making skills, coupled with the adrenaline rush of real-time events that occur as a result of one’s choices. From football to cricket, here are five unique sports manager games that can help you take your management skills to the next level.


Ever since Sports Interactive and SEGA first released the title back in 1992, the game has fast gained pace as the best football manager simulator in the market. Create a unique story for your club – maintain the budget and finances, develop infrastructure, take up press conferences, indulge in transfer market activity, engage in coaching sessions, experiment with formations, scout young talents and sign wonderkids to secure your club’s future. The game is as close as one can realistically get to being a football manager, mainly due to the variety of decisions at hand and its reputation of using real life metrics to measure footballing activity. Football Manager makes you feel like a real manager and might even motivate to you to obtain a coaching license!


If there is one game a racing fan should engage in, it is Motorsport Manager. The strategic racing management game simulator is a fresh and exciting entry in the genre. It allows players to create and manage their own motorsport team by hiring engineers for enhancing and designing better car performance, recruiting drivers as part of the team, investing in infrastructure for the team and maintaining finances of the motorsport company. The back-end F1 environment has been recreated in a subtle manner by Motorsport Manager. When the action and attention shifts to the racetrack, you will have a whole decisions to make from the sidelines. With both substance and personality, the title makes you feel in-charge from the minute you start playing.


Out of the Park (OOTP) Developments is the leading US sport simulation and management game development company. It’s Out of the Park Baseball title is to baseball fans what Football Manager is to football fans. Licensed by Major League Baseball (MLB), the game offers players strategic insight into baseball management with realistic player cards, in-depth decision making, statistical analyses and team management. The 3D engine that powers the game is expressive and welcoming as it remarkably blows out the graphics for an immersive playing experience. One can take charge of their favourite baseball franchise and lead the team all the way to greatness.


Tennis Elbow Manager is arguably the best tennis simulation and management game. The title does not have any worthy rival in the genre and that can make it seem so good, but the fact is that the game is as immersive and engaging as it can get. As a manager, you are thrown in the spotlight to better your players through tactical understanding and strategic management. You manage a roster of tennis players and your goal is to reach the Number One world ranking. What’s better? You can assume the dual role of a tennis coach and player. With fantastic gameplay mechanics and in-depth activities, one’s success depends on perseverance, composure and decision making skills.


Cricket Captain is the leading cricket management simulation that has captured attention of cricket fans from around the world. The niche sport has witnessed a growth in engagement and viewership thanks to titles such as this. The game is a one-stop resource for fans and people who want to learn about the game and its back-end management, through engaging gameplay features, real time statistics, extensive database and a smooth interface. Players can access a whole range of cricket competitions, formats and tournament modes. The game is improved year upon year by Childish Things, the English game developer.

Sports simulation titles are a great way of testing one’s decision-making skills, just like betting. Players interested in learning about placing their hand with the right sports bookmakers can access a huge range of actionable tips, guides, strategies and resources, before actually delving into it. Variety of sports are covered – from cricket and football to lesser-followed sports such as horse racing and boxing. Beginners can also access bonuses and rewards, just like regular players. These include free bets, cashbacks and loyalty schemes.

All in all, if you are the kind of person who likes taking responsibility in the role of a decision maker, simulation and management games within the sports genre are an excellent way of enhancing your soft skills. They show you how things function in the background, change your perspective and ease you into future opportunities.

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