Seniors Situation Room. By Dawn Ford. Mrs. Santa Claus’s Dilemma

DECEMBER 25, 2021 – Santa watched his wife Jessica as she stared out the window sighing. He thought that she seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

He said to her, “Jessica, you seem preoccupied lately. Anything bothering you?”

She turned and looked at him and with a big sigh she said, ” Not really. I just seem to feel as if I could use a bit of a holiday. I don’t know when was the last time I went anywhere. Just to see new sights would be a treat.”

Santa replied, “Why not plan something with your friends Della and Monica.? Della loves to travel. All is ready here and Christmas is about two weeks away. Lots of time for a holiday. You have worked so hard with the elves to make sure we hit our deadline of toys, etc. So, a holiday is in order for sure.”

“Oh, Santa! You think so? Two weeks until Christmas – lots of time for a few days away. I’ll talk to Della- maybe Monica will come too. There is a wonderful spa Della and Monica go to in Lauberville – a bus trip away. I will see them tomorrow and see what we can arrange – even for a few days. What fun it will be relaxing too. “

Santa nodded. He was glad to see her smiling and hopeful again.

The next day, Jessica talked with Della and Monica. They were excited also to take a trip to the spa.

Della said, ” We can sit in the sauna, have massages, eat great food, relax on their ‘summer’ warm porch and enjoy all the perks of the spa -everything. We could go for 3 or 4 days and be back on the 5th. Today is only Monday so I can arrange for us to leave this Thursday and be back on Monday or Tuesday. How is that? I’ll see what reservations are available. “

Both Monica and Jessica thought the idea was great.

The next day Della made all the arrangements for the three women to leave Thursday, two days away. The special bus from Lauberville would pick them up and drive them to the town. They would return Monday. The women were excited about their trip. Santa was relieved to see his wife so happy.

But late Tuesday night Santa and Jessica were told by their family that their 7 year old great granddaughter Amy had fallen and had broken her leg. She was in hospital with a cast on the leg and would be there until after Christmas for sure.

Santa and Jessica went to the hospital the next morning to see Amy. She smiled at them and gave them each a big hug. Amy said that she was ok but upset because she would have to spend Christmas in hospital and miss all the fun.

“Don’t worry, Honey,” Santa said. “We will all be here for you every day. I’ll be away Christmas eve as you know to deliver toys to all the children of the world but I will be here Christmas morning to see you. We will all be here. “

Jessica was upset and when they got home she told Santa that she couldn’t go off on a trip and leave Amy. She told him that she was Amy’s ‘Nana”.

Santa reassured Jessica that the whole family would be with Amy as much as possible and that it would ok for her to go on her trip for a few days.

Jessica frowned. She reminded Santa that they had looked after Amy and her older brother Joe some time ago when their mother was ill and they were all very very close.

She said, “Nana’s don’t leave when there is trouble. That is not Love. I can’t go and leave her. I will talk with Della and Monica tomorrow.”

Santa just nodded. What else could he say?

In the morning Jessica told the two friends that she was really sorry but she wouldn’t be going because of Amy’s accident. She was Amy’s Nana and leaving her was not what she wanted to do at this problematic time for Amy.

Della said that she understood Jessica’s feelings but they were just going for a couple of days and also that she was sure the whole family would be there daily. She also said that maybe Jessica was being overprotective. Monica agreed with Della that Jessica could leave and she didn’t think that it wouldn’t be traumatic for Amy if her Nana was away for a few days.

“Whew,” said Jessica said. ” I never thought of it as being overprotective. I will need to think this over and get back to you later.”

Jessica went home but the term ‘overprotective’ raced in her mind most of the day. Around sunset she went outside for a walk near the forest to get a breath of fresh air. She pulled her hood over her head in the chilly weather. The branches of the trees glistened in the twilight and little flakes of snow blew around like delicate tiny white flowers. She talked to the wind that was blowing ever so gently. She felt confused. Overprotective, they said. Hum! I never thought of being loving as overprotective. She looked up to the darkening sky. I don’t know what to do, she said. Amy is just a little girl She needs love and support right now. That includes my love. “

She decided to go home but when she got there, she could see through the window that some elves were in the house visiting Santa.

She decided to go for another walk.

Tears filled her eyes. It was a bit chilly and she drew her coat closer around her.

” I don’t know which way to go”, she cried out loud.” Amy needs all the support and love we can give her right now. My trip is not important.”

And then it seemed as if in the gentle breeze she heard a soft loving voice say, “Love is the Way; Love is always the Way.”

Tearfully she cried, “Thank You. Thank You”, knowing that she had just received a message of Grace from her Heavenly Father.

“I will stay and spend the days loving Amy”, she cried in the wind and she ran home to tell Santa that the trip was off and of her special message from Above.

Jessica also told her two friends about it all and they said that maybe they could go after Christmas. Not to worry.

Santa and Jessica spent hours every day with Amy, in the days that followed, reading her stories and playing games with her. It was nice for them because they also saw a lot of the family as well

The afternoon of Christmas Eve was always called ‘Santa’s Going Away Party’. The whole village gathered together in their large auditorium for food, music and dancing as a big send-off to Santa for his trip around the world later. Santa and Jessica were on the floor with others dancing to the music.

A senior elf, Michael, spoke on the microphone asking everyone to return to their tables. He said, ” We have special gifts for Jessica and Santa. We all love them.

Jessica, as you all know works with us helping us in every way she can all year. She is the most loving lady we know. If someone needs something or some help, she is always there for us. Santa is also always there for us.

Jessica has been faced with a tough decision these past days. Their great granddaughter Amy fell and is now in hospital with a broken leg in a cast. Jessica was to go on a trip for a few days and have a bit of a holiday. She has cancelled her trip to be here for Amy instead.

We have special gifts for her and Santa. I would like them to come with me for a few moments and will bring them back quickly.”

Santa and Jessica left the room with Michael but were soon back. Jessica was in a beautiful red velvet gown and Santa was dressed in a red shirt with winter white slacks. The new clothes were gifts from everyone. They were cheered by the crowd as they went to the center of the floor and began to dance. Then, everyone joined them. It was a wonderful festive afternoon for everyone.

As the sun started to sink into the horizon, Santa said good bye to everyone and left to change his clothes into his winter warm red suit and get his reindeer ready for their journey of love bringing toys made by the elves to the children of the world. Soon the crowd looked out the windows to see Santa and his reindeer fly away into the sky ,

After supper Jessica went to the hospital to see Amy. Her stocking was hanging on the bed post awaiting some goodies like all the other children that Christmas Eve. The family and Santa had put in a small Christmas tree that morning and other decorations to make her room festive and beautiful. Amy was excited to see Jessica and gave her a big hug.

Jessica asked her what story she wanted to hear. Amy said, ” Nana, I like the story about the Baby that you tell.”

Jessica began, “In a country far away many many years ago, Love came to our earth in the form of a wee Baby.”

“And there were angels and sheppards and baby lambs and cows to keep him company,” Amy said, “all in the stable with Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus….like we see in the church at Christmas.”

“Yes, Jessica replied. “It is beautiful. Now tell me what other story do you want me to read tonight??”

“Twas the Night before Christmas, ” Amy replied with a big yawn.

Jessica began,

“T’was the night before Christmas when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there”.

Jessica read the lengthy poem and as the minutes went by, she noticed Amy getting sleepier as she read, until finally Amy was fast asleep. Jessica pulled the covers over Amy, turned out the light and left the room. As she walked down the hall she told the nurses that Amy was asleep and that she was leaving. She wished them all a very Merry Christmas and gave them a big box of candy as a Christmas treat.

As she walked outside into the chilly evening air she thought of Santa flying through the air country to country and house to house. She would be happy to see him in the morning. She was so grateful that she had decided to stay. She felt much love in the air as she heard the church bells ring calling everyone to the evening church service.

Her friends Monica and Della appeared at the hospital door with their husbands. They said that they thought it would be nice to walk with Jessica to the church . More love. As they walked they began to sing Christmas carols. As they sang, “Oh Holy Night”, Jessica felt her heart full of joy and peace on this holiest of nights. .

Love is the way, she said to herself, Love is always the Way.

The End.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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