Did You Watch the Ontario Leaders Debate? Did You Know There’s an Election? By Jamie Gilcig

May 17, 2022 – I was tweeting today that there were more of we media and pundits watching the leadership debate last night than viewers. Ol Steve Paikin & the incredibly hot Althia Raj moderated a motley mess which showed how truly putrid our leadership is across the board, and asks the question why can’t Ontario find good political leaders?

Ontario Premier Doug the Thug Ford actually brought a pucking binder to a debate! This scribbler kids you not. That would be like someone bringing training wheels to the Tour de France. And even with the scrib notes he couldn’t win the debate. He babbled the same party points which I’m sure many partisan Cons giggle at. Honestly my dachshund could beat him in a debate and he can’t read.

Premier Ford’s record on the Pandemic, education, and just about every area of government other than padding his “friends” wallets is evident. That the Liberals and Dippers refused to find a candidate to run against such a weak sauce candidate is boggling? Then again all one has to do is look Federally to see the same recipe as a very putrid Justin Trudeau keeps getting free election wins against the likes of creepy Andrew Scheer. Heck. The NDP had to back stab Thomas Mulcair because he had a slim chance of winning and put in one of the worst Canadian politicians and utter hypocrites in Jagmeet Singh.

And while Doug had plenty of bronzer on it looked like NDP leader Andrea Horwath seemed to be wearing a full face of pancake makeup. That’s how bad an election is when you notice that. The multi election loser offered nothing really other than some yapping over other candidates. The NDP in Ontario are a spent force. The construction and law enforcement unions are now nudging over to the PC’s and the Liberals are still owned by the Teacher’s unions. Who do the NDP really represent? What is their brand? They certainly aren’t Democratic based on this writer’s experience with them regionally.

Speaking of the Liberals, one would think that you’d want to run anyone not connected to the Wynne/McGuinty crews, but the Libs doubled down and found a candidate that looks like he was one of those terminally sick kids that athletes would visit in hospitals that somehow survived with the aid of a talking robot implanted.

That voice of his clearly is not a selling point. And while he barely won the debate one can’t truly imagine a Premier Del Duca.

And honestly, the Green leader looked like he’d had helium enema before the debate with wild fits of giggling and bursts of clear nonsense.

And at the end of the day will we see any other change than at some point the NDP take a page from their Federal counterparts and simply offer their support to prop up the Libs? That is if the PC’s don’t get a large majority which in this election could happen?

For those of us who care and realize how important good government is this election is frankly….depressing. I know I certainly don’t want to lend my vote to any of the parties in this debate and maybe that’s what the system is hoping for?


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