Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford JUNE is Seniors Month!

JUNE 17, 2022 – June Is Senior’s Month in some Canadian Provinces including Ontario. A big thank you to all our wonderful seniors in Cornwall who donate their time in various ways to help others in our community. Kudos.

From the 1956 movie Carousel, the song by Rogers and Hammerstein, “June is Bustin’ Out All Over” is just what we saw this year – lilacs, black-eyed Susans, tulips and many gorgeous flowers. That light green shade of grass that only comes in the spring is so refreshing, telling us, spring is indeed here. And now as of June 21st. we will have summer. After a cold winter we are happy planting and weeding and enjoying the beauty.

But I wish Noah would have swatted those darn flies and mosquitoes when he had a chance.

Father’s Day will be approaching soon on June 19th. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

I spoke to a friend, Giselle Ward about her Dad, Jerry Leger. I remember Jerry and the Roving Cowboys band which played for concerts and dances in the Water Street arena in the ’50s and ’60s. We enjoyed their Country Western music as well as some Rock and Roll. I am sure a lot of seniors will remember it also. We also squared danced to their great music. They also played at the Bonnie Glen, various bars in hotels, at stags and weddings.

Jerry played the violin, accordion, had a wonderful singing voice as well as a great sense of humour.

Giselle said that she and Jerry sang the lovely song, “Quand Le Soleil Dit Bonjour Aux Montagnes” together on occasions which was a favourite of mine from old camping and canoeing days. Wish I could have heard them singing together.

Giselle said that Jerry had been a good father.

In this photo left to right is: Yvaneau Lefebvre on guitar, Tony Miseferi on the bass fiddle, Smokey Leger on guitar and Jerry with his accordion. In the background behind Tony is a friend.

Photo courtesy of Giselle.

My Mom used to take my three older brothers Ed, Ron and Gerry, my younger sister Evelyn and I on the streetcar to the St. Lawrence Park when we were growing up. We didn’t get to travel on the streetcar very often so it was always a fun time. St. Lawrence Collage is on that property now.

It was picnic time and the park was perfect for us kids to run around, swim in the river, play on the teeter-totters and the swings. Ev was in a little box type swing that had a back and a bar across the front so she wouldn’t fall out and we took turns pushing her safely so she would have fun on it. We had delicious peanut butter and jam sandwiches, chocolate cake and fruit as a big feast. We always had a great time. It was an adventure too to have a trip on the streetcar.

I found this photo with some old papers – from the Cornwall Standard Freeholder I think. It was always fun to have a ride on the street cars when we were kids.

A few fun lines from a friend:

Q: What is the most common remark made by a senior when they browse an antique store?

A: I remember these.

Q: Where can a man over 60 find a younger, good looking woman who is interested in him?

A: Try the book store under fiction.

Q: What can a husband do when his wife is going through menopause?

A: Keep busy. If he is handy with tools, he can finish the basement. Then, when he is finished, he will have a place to live.

Q: Do people sleep more soundly as they get older?

A: Yes, but it is usually in the afternoon.

Q: Where should older people look for glasses?

A: On their forehead.

Q: Why should people 60+ use valet parking?

A: The valet won’t forget where you parked your car.

Have a good week, Dawn

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