Can Pierre Poilievre Beat Justin Trudeau in the Next Canadian Election? By Jamie Gilcig

Yes kiddies, that’s where we’re heading. Reading and watching partisan media wogs has been a lot of fun as the leadership evolves.

Justin doesn’t seem to be bothered. He just left to Costa Rica for a vacation which is not a politically astute move. Lord knows everyone needs a vacation, but surely a Staycation would’ve had better messaging, and been more on point during the BA5 wave? That’s just giving more fodder to the enemy.

But as we’ve seen in US politics, partisanship essentially neuters waves of voters. There’s nothing Mr. Trudeau can do to get any reasonable response from the hard core right wing of the Cons. Zero. Where were the voices of Mr. Poilievre and other Conservative leadership when their so called trucker friends were waving obscene flags of our PM?

I had a friend that once had Presidential duty. I asked how he could protect a politician he didn’t like? Would he be willing to take a bullet as is that jobs requirement if necessary? He clearly and firmly shared with me it’s the office of the President.

Well Mr. Trudeau, whether anyone agrees with his performance or politics is the Prime Minister of Canada. End of.

And yet we’ve seen too many politicians hanging out with essentially, domesitic terrorists, right on Parliament Hill no less.

Mr. Trudeau is no angel. He has more baggage than is stacked up in Pearson airport.

The Cons, and NDP’s biggest failure has simply being not choosing someone with a chance of beating the incumbent.

No matter how much those wacky CBC types cringe, Mr. Poilievre is the man for the job. He’s spent years building his brand, and whether you agree with his positions or not he has a defined brand. He’s also tapped into people who simply will vote to get rid of a PM, the same way Canadians were fed up with Stephen Harper after his shelf life expired.

And like the rise of former disgraced US president Donald Trump, Pierre is getting more airtime than Justin in the media. That’s how it works. If we’re talking about you, you win. Good or bad, you win.

The Liberals have alienated a lot of middle of the road types. They’ve alienated me because of their failures to support Canadians during Covid and handling of the CRB. They’ve destroyed those on lower incomes and those on fixed incomes. They’ve brutalized the middle class allowing extreme gouging on things like gas and groceries. They’ve allowed our health care systems to erode.

Their political policies simply hurt Canada more than but a chicken in the pot.

But is there a real alternative? Would the Cons have done better?

And there are those that don’t normally vote. And that is the wild card for Mr. Poilievre. Those wacky protesters, conspiracy theorists, racists, and all around whack jobs. They come out to vote when they are angry enough. They’re in every city.

Looking at the Ontario provincial election you can see the pendulum is not still.

And that is why Pierre Poilievre will get the Cons best result in the next election that they’ve had since early Harper days.

This is the silly season. It’s the time to ponder. Time will shake things out. We know that currently there are no real viable replacements for the Liberals currently elected. Chrystia Freeland is about as electable as PM as my dachshund. Mark Carney would probably be their best shot, especially with the economy in its current situation, but again. This is the silly season.

So who would you vote for if you had to today? You can choose in our poll.


  1. EDITED {no domestic terrier swizzle allowed on our pages} Don’t even bother trying to post false info here.

  2. Every committed Conservative has won be it Mike Harris or Stephen Harper. Those who commit to being Conservative lite such as Scheer and O’toole fail miserably because they arouse zero passion. No one agrees with 100% of what anyone says but they want someone to be passionate about. Pierre brings that on the Conservative side. It also explains why no one is ready to replace Trudeau.

  3. anybody that votes tru dough in again is a jerk. Pierre all the way

  4. Pierre is the man to clean up the swamp of liberals that have tried to ruin our beautiful country. God willing he will beat fancy socks…..

  5. Pierre P. has 3 advantages over J.T. – 1) Great orator & public speaking skills, 2) He can make J.T. look bad. 3) Trudeau’s slumping approval ratings across Canada including in Quebec. Pierre P. could win.

    If rumors are true of J.T. calling a snap fall election right after the Cons. Leader vote is done, expect J.T. to use his usual tried & true wedge issues to make him look bad such as abortion & environment. Pierre P. must have a plan to counter those this time. He’s been in politics for 20+ years, but I doubt many Canadians have even heard of Pierre P.

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