Hockey Canada Scandal Demands Nothing Less Than A Clean Sweep. By Jamie Gilcig HOCKEY CRUNCH

OCTOBER 5, 2022 – The problem with lawyers is that while the great ones can prove in court that elephants just might be able to fly; in the real world, when the issue is heinous enough, it doesn’t really matter if elephants can indeed fly or not.

In this situation it’s gone way past the gang banging by groups of young men in hockey being “handled”.

The core, and it’s a dark and rotten core, is the covering up and handling of these repeated scandals, and their costs.

When you repeat the same action again and again why would you expect the results to change?

No, Hockey Canada needs to be purged of its current board and ALL management who were aware of the sex coverups. No exceptions. Nobody in this world isn’t expendable.

The players involved need to be investigated and exposed. Some may need to be criminally charged. Some should be removed from being allowed to play professionally.

Pro sports players make millions of dollars per year because of the rare air of being at the top of a game. It’s entertainment. It’s not a right. It shouldn’t be a free pass to gang bang drunken young people. Ever.

We saw the corporate cover up of the Kyle Beach case. Frankly, justice wasn’t really done there. A few high profile people were given golden parachutes, most near the end of their career, but most involved are still working and/or playing in the NHL.

Here’s a suggestion. There’s a bright person who not only played in the NHL, but was a victim himself and has championed the cause for over a decade. Sheldon Kennedy. The NHL and government should team up in a non partisan fashion and simply tell Hockey Canada that they do the right thing, and then move forward with someone like Sheldon or that it. Start over from scratch.

Hockey Canada gets millions in tax breaks. It represents not only hockey, our National game, but the future of our game.

At this time it needs a reboot. It needs clear mandates. It needs full transparency, and it needs to make sure that it focuses monies from Canadian families into hockey, and not high legal fees and settlements to cover up criminal acts of players who are currently earning millions of dollars playing our National Game.

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