Cornwall Community Hospital Administering New Groundbreaking Stroke Treatment

AUGUST 3, 2023 – Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) is now administering a new cutting-edge clot-busting medication to treat acute ischemic stroke patients called Tenecteplase (TNK), marking an important leap forward for stroke care in the community.

Stroke is a critical medical emergency that requires rapid and effective intervention to mitigate potentially life-altering consequences. Traditionally, the standard treatment for an acute ischemic stroke has been the use of tPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator), a clot-dissolving drug that has been effective in restoring blood flow to the brain when administered within 4.5 hours of stroke symptom onset.

TNK is a genetically engineered variant of tPA, designed to enhance its fibrin specificity, half-life, and clot-dissolving capabilities. It does a better and quicker job of targeting clots and opening blocked arteries, reduces the risk of bleeding complications, and takes only minutes to administer via a single injection, rather than an hour-long infusion required for tPA.

TNK has long been a common clot-busting drug used in people suffering from a heart attack. It recently underwent and passed clinical trials in Canada for use in stroke patients and is now being recommended as an alternative to tPA according to Canadian Stroke Best Practices.

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“TNK is going to be a game changing and very important medical therapy for local stroke patients,” said Dr. Anastasios Boubalos, Chief of Staff at Cornwall Hospital. “Its superior efficacy and safety profile in comparison to tPA will allow CCH to provide the safest and highest-quality care possible and improve local stroke patient outcomes.”

“We are proud to be introducing TNK as our primary thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke patients,” said Jeanette Despatie, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This advancement in stroke treatment is another example of how our hospital is leveraging the latest medical advancements and innovations to provide our community with Exceptional Care. Always.

Emergency Department staff have undergone extensive training and education on the proper utilization of TNK in stroke treatment scenarios.

As a District Stroke Centre, CCH is accountable for providing leadership, development, implementation, and integration of stroke care in the East Champlain Region.