What’s the Most Popular NFL Team in Canada?

The NFL enjoys enormous popularity in Canada, and we must say that Toronto deserves to have a national team. Football enthusiasts enjoy the best betting apps, but the favorites are located south. For now, Canadian fans are forced to adopt their favorite team. 

New England Patriots are Canada’s most popular NFL team, as seen from the merchandise sales. Tom Brady is the top favorite player for Canadian fans. 

In addition, we share the most popular NFL teams in Canada!

Dallas Cowboys

A few NFL teams have a large base of followers in Canada. However, America’s team has a vast flower base outside the US borders. The outstanding performance and rich history are the main reasons why this team is popular with Canadian fans.

Seattle Seahawks

Canadian football fans celebrate the Seattle Seahawks and cheer for them during matches. Whether it is the signature playing style or the flag tradition, this team’s spirit attracts many fans across the borders.

New York Giants

The Giants have an enormous fan base in the NY area. However, they have a solid fan base in Canada as well. No wonder, as they are based on the most extensive media markets.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest teams in NFL history. Their astonishing success and complex challenges were seen by their huge fan base. Canadians love the Lions and their outstanding skills on the field.

New England Patriots

The Super Bowl performances have amazed every football enthusiast. Thanks to that, the Canadian fans nurture their dedication to the Patriots. Belichick and Brady are the most popular prominent players in the North.

San Francisco 49ers

With their unique performance, the 49ers have a huge fan base in the Bay area. However, their fan base extends to more than just the local areas. Thanks to their wins and Super Bowl performances, the 49ers also conquered the hearts of football enthusiasts in Canada. 

The popularity of the NFL in Canada

The most popular NFL teams in Canada are the Cowboys, Seahawks, Giants, Lions, Patriots, and 49ers. Some of them are more popular than the CFL teams. But which team is the most popular among Canadians?

That isn’t easy to figure out, but a few aspects must be considered. The sportsbook odds are a good sign that determines popularity. Sportsbooks have historical data which can reveal a lot about a team. 

Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks provide the best odds. The Seattle Seahawks showed interest in playing in Canada a few years ago. When speaking of popularity, these teams are above others. 

It seems like Canadians love the players that provide consistent performance. Fans in Canada were amazed by iconic players such as Montana, Brady, Sanders, and Manning, but they are keen on good performers. 

Canadians prefer the teams that have the best performance before the famous ones. The NFL has a fan base worldwide and is a popular event thanks to the vast media coverage. The love for football goes beyond the US borders, making its way into other countries. 

Final thoughts

Canadians nurture their love for football and have a few favorites. Some iconic NFL players are born in Canada, contributing to this sport. These include prominent names such as Michael Hoecht, Chase Claypool, Alaric Jackson, N’Keal Harry, and others. 

Even though many players have Canadian origin, this isn’t the only reason Canadians love the sport. Tom Brady is the most popular player and doesn’t have Canadian origin. 

Canadians are invested in the NFL, from celebrating the wins to keeping up to date with the players’ personal lives.