The Art of the Dinner Party – Cooking with Kretz

Here is the latest column from Chef Shawn Kretz!  A sucessful dinner party depends on many components coming together. The famous food writers M.F.K Fisher and Elizabeth David have waxed eloquently about the virtues a host should posess. Aside from the food and drink, our most important consideration is the selection of the attendees to […]

Cooking With Kretz – Mycological Delights

  Thats right, mushroom season is fast approaching. Over the next month thousands of species of mushrooms will “pop” up all across our beautiful province. Well wooded areas are particularly prime mushroom hunting locations. Before I delve to far into the topic I would like to suggest some further reading and/or identifications books.  Local book […]

Cooking With Kretz – The Farmer’s Market is Open

Here is your latest column from Chef Shanw Kretz – if you wish to contact Chef Shawn email us at or The Farmers Market is upon us… Finally! I was excited to get out and see the inaugural weekend of the Downtown Cornwall Farmers Market. Granted that many of the items and vendors […]

Cooking With Kretz – Bring on the Green

Here is the latest Column from Chef Shawn Kretz:  Planting season is upon us. Before we know it there will be weeds to pick, along with the first of the season’s bounty. Seedlings are available at every garden centre, and gardens are starting to come together as the risk of frost diminishes. As I have […]

Chef Shawn Kretz finds the Green!

A note from Chef Shawn Kretz of Chez Nous. “Fiddleheads and wild garlic are out;  morels may start tomorrow or thursday thanks to the rain.” There should be some good and healthy eatin’ down at Chez Nous. please visit our sponsors:

Tales from a One Handed Chef

Parisian Style Bistro: What’s the Fuss About?   Chef Shawn Kretz turns in his latest column typing with only one hand! What makes a Parisian style French Bistro different than a Bistro in Lyons, Strasbourg, or Dijon? Well, for the most part a Parisian Bistro will draw the best from all of France’s 22 regions (including […]

Local Restaurant Focuses on 100 Mile Menu Concept

Thanks to Chef Shawn Kretz from Chez Nous 333 Second St. 613-932-HOME (4663) for this article.   If you wish to see more from Chef Shawn let us know, and feel free to leave your comments. Changing the Face of Fine Cuisine in Cornwall by Shawn Kretz: The awareness of a local cuisine, specifically through the […]

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