View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Impact of Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran Press Conference – Cornwall Ontario – August 18, 2010

Cornwall ON – That was a brutal press conference yesterday as out-going Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran spoke out to support the men and woman who have served in our armed forces and those police officers who have also served abroad. It makes you wonder just how bad the situation is, when a former senior military […]

Tuesday 9 AM – The Political Round Table – Mark MacDonald, André Rivette talk Cornwall Ontario Politics – August 17, 2010

Cornwall ON – If it’s Tuesday morning at 9 AM it’s time for our Political Round Table on   Our pundits Joe Gunn & Denis Sabourin share their views on what’s hot in the news.    Keith Beardsley, our View From the Hill columnist joins us at 9:45 to talk about what’s going on […]

So Where has Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement been this Summer? Cornwall Ontario – August 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – So where has Federal Liberal Candidate been this summer?   The normally highly visible candidate has been very quiet and rarely seen of late?  A google news search shows minimal activity; a few sound bites from the Michael Ignatieff  Magical Mystery tour as it went through this part of Ontario, and a […]

Is it time to Turn Cornwall Ontario into a Low Tobacco Tax Hot Zone? August 13, 2010 EDITORIAL

Cornwall ON – Is it time to turn Cornwall Ontario into a Tax Hot Spot for Cigarettes? We’ve seen the shows on television and know the reputation of Cornwall Ontario and nearby Akwesasne for Cigarette smuggling. The Canadian Government is spending millions of dollars trying to stem the flow of illegal cigarettes, but the results […]

Meet the Candidate Night at Cafe Connectionz – Green Party Candidate for SD&SG Jamie Gilcig – Tuesday August 17, 2010 VIDEO

Cornwall ON – Meet the Candidate night at Cafe Connectionz 407 Water Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario; Tuesday August 17th from 6 – 8 PM. Chat with your Federal Green Party Candidate, Jamie Gilcig, about the political issues that are important to you. Jamie Gilcig is the Editor of The Cornwall Free News & […]

So is MP John Baird the Conservative Heir Apparent? VIDEO Cornwall Ontario POLL August 10, 2010

(MP John Baird signs the Golden Book of Cornwall Ontario as Mayor Bob Kilger looks on.) Cornwall ON – MP and Minister John Baird was in Cornwall Ontario today announcing the new $75 Million dollar low level bridge through Akwesasne.    It drew some media and a lot of VIP (very interested politicians) as the […]

Grand Chief Mike Mitchell and MCA respond to New Low Level Bridge Annoucement – Akwesasne – August 10, 2010

MOHAWK COUNCIL OF AKWESASNE SUPPORTS NEW LOW-LEVEL BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION MOVING FORWARD AKWESASNE MOHAWK TERRITORY– The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) was pleased to hear from Federal Bridge officials that they are planning on moving forward on constructing the new low-level bridge between Kawehnoke (Akwesasne) and Cornwall.  The MCA has been part of this project from the […]

View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Where does the buck stop? Cornwall Ontario – August 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Two recent polls have showed the Liberals closing the gap between themselves and the Conservatives. Polls are always interesting of course but become more important if over time they show a distinct trend emerging.  So far we haven’t seen that.   Now if the polls in September are still showing the same numbers […]

The Political Round Table with Joe Gunn, Denis Sabourin, Jamie Gilcig, Reg Coffey, and Keith Beardsley – Cornwall Ontario – August 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – Click the banner above to listen to The Political Round Table on with today’s pundits Joe Gunn and Denis Sabourin at 9 AM.   Keith Beardsley, our View From the Hill columnist joins us at 9:45 with his particular take on the hottest stories coming out of Ottawa. This morning Reg […]

Helena Speaks with MCLEANS Magazine – Not Happy with Guy Giorno – August 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – Tread Marked Former Minister Helena Guergis spoke with MCLEANS magazine recently about her situation; her husband, running for politics again as an independent conservative, and her communications with the PM and his right hand man Guy Giorno. LINK I believe that the Prime Minister has been given some really, really bad advice. […]

Letter to the Editor by Darlene Jalbert – CONSERVATIVE TRANSPARENCY AND FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY-HOGWASH! Cornwall Ontario – August 6, 2010

Dear Editor The Conservative government is constantly talking about openness, transparency and fiscal responsibility. They talk about this at a time when they are being completely untransparent and fiscally irresponsible. The Conservatives want to spend 9 billion dollars (parliamentary budget officer says more) on new prisons in Canada, as part of their tough on Crime […]

Liberal Fundraising in Steep Decline – Conservatives still rolling in the ….Green Large Donations Jumping High – Cornwall Ontario – August 5, 2010

Cornwall ON – I was having a beverage with Keith Beardsley a few months ago in Ottawa and shared with me the impact of getting party members to contribute.   He talked essentially about the commitment a person makes when they actually toss some money into the pot. If you truly want to know how a party […]

Cornwall City Councilor Mark MacDonald sits in for Denis Sabourin on Our Political Round Table – Tuesday August 3 at 9AM on – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Busker, Councilor and tomorrow morning Pundit on .    Cornwall City Councilor Mark MacDonald sits in for Denis Sabourin tomorrow  as Denis is getting a well deserved summer break from his many duties. Mark will tangle with Joe Gunn and myself.  The show starts LIVE at 9AM and you can always […]

Georges Laraque Enforcing for Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada as he becomes Deputy Leader – July 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – I’m not sure who’s scarier in a fight, Stephen Harper or the Z man, Zdeno Chara.   Now former Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque will be covering Elizabeth May and the Green party as the environmentally friendly Laraque became Deputy Leader of the Federal Green Party of Canada. LINK “After working for […]

The Hardening of Stephen Harper – Staffing through his terms as Prime Minister of Canada – Cornwall Ontario – July 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – Sometimes you’re only as good as the person pulling your strings in Politics.   It’s funny, especially in the Western world how much we attribute to a leader. For example does anyone really think George W Bush actually could spell policy never mind actually conceptualize one and implement it? I may not […]

Harper Conservatives Down in Latest Harris Decima Poll – Greens Up – NDP Up – Will we have a Fall Election? Cornwall Ontario – July 28, 2010

Harper Conservatives Down in Latest Harris Decima Poll – Greens Up – NDP Up – Will we have a Fall Election?  Cornwall Ontario – July 28, 2010

Cornwall ON – In the latest Canadian Press Harris Decima Polls The Green Party of Canada with 12%; a strong showing for the Elizabeth May led party while the Stephen Harper Conservatives see their support fall to 31%.   The Liberals are still under 30% while the NDP push up at 18% and the Quebec […]

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