Letter to the Editor – John Milnes Calls for a Federal Election – MP Guy Lauzon Out of Touch – November 14, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Dear Sir:

Michael Ignatieff may not want an election, the Liberals may not be ready for an election but, like the Americans, we are in need of  a change in political parties at the federal level.  The Americans, without giving Barack Obama a reasonable time frame in which to correct that which George W. created – a massive deficit – have brought back in the Republicans.  Although the Republicans are not at all popular they represent the change of government the Americans demanded.

There is one signifcant difference in this North American political scene for, unlike Barack Obama, Stephen Harper and his Canadian Conservatives inherited a good financial situation when they took office. Our federal Conservatives quickly converted this healthy financial situation into a massive deficit from which the next political party must try and dig us out.

Mirroring the U.S. the Canadian federal Liberals, according to the polls, are not popular across the country but they would represent the change this country seems to need.  Our federal Conservative government has taken us the final mile in its journey down the pathway of deceit, dishonesty, dictatorship and blatant avoidance of the truth.  This huge spending/borrowing Conservative government has made blunder after blunder. The job situation is dire and they are actually exacerbating the unemployment problem with cuts in government services as they spend our tax dollars massively on junkets for their own needs.

Despite the rhetoric the Conservatives spout about a smaller government they have, perhaps, one of the largest government teams even though they are a minority party.  The Conservatives bray about being good fiscal managers yet they have taken us into deficit whilst the Liberals, with their superb fiscal management record, languish on the opposition benches.

That Ministers of the federal government can stand up in Parliament and tell us they have not been involved in the Kdhar trial, despite an ample paper trail of evidence littered across the USA and Canada to the contrary, is, indeed, reprehensible.  Then, despite the massive deficit, the Conservatives determine to sole source and agree to buying humungously expensive F-35 aircraft to defend us – from what?  The amount of defensive flying our pilots experience, over Canada, they could go into the skies on broomsticks and do a good job.

Even our local MP gets into the act of Conservative dishonesty when he tries, miserably, to defend against the reality check that our area has been “short-changed” by comparison to how our neighbours fared.  He trotted out figures for the secondary sewage treatment plant that has only just reached the design stage along with the International Bridge costs that are so far into the future they are like an unfulfilled dream.   This bridge is NOT just for the people of this riding it is an International Bridge so why must we, the taxpayers in this riding, have to accept less funding when the benefit is not solely our own?   Our MP has shown, consistently, he does not begin to comprehend the ramifications of this International Bridge

Guy Lauzon is practicing dishonest accounting when one considers how much immediate funding other municipalities have received.  The final disturbing tale about our MP is that he is so out of touch with what is happening in his own riding he did not even know his government had topped up the flagging finances of the bridge authorities.

It is time for a change of government and the area needs a new MP.  We should be screaming for an election.

John E. Milnes – South Stormont Ontario

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  1. John Milnes you never cease to amaze me with your statements! Yes the Conservatives inherited a good financial situation when they took over from the Liberals. But you fail to mention that PRIOR to the “good financial situation” the Liberals were in really bad shape with their deficits. What gave them the good financial situation was really the $30-odd Billion that Jean Chretien stole from the PS Pension Fund. Strange how some people forget! Better still, how many people did that short change?

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