Habs Win – Leafs Lose – The Natural Balance of NHL Hockey is attuned – Sens Shut out Bruins 2-0 – NHL SCORES November 14, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Well it was a gimme tonight.   The Habs jumped out to a two goal lead, surrendered it and then stormed back  chasing Cam Ward from the net in their 7-2 victory for the Home fans.

The bad news is that Andrei Markov hurt himself again.   It looks like his surgically repaired knee gave out.    That could make trading Ryan O’Bryne who played well in his 20+ minutes for Colorado last night.

Tomas Plekanec racked up 4 points and all the people you want getting points for Montreal got points.   Scott Gomez grabbed 2 assists;  Mike Cammalerri, AK 46, and Captain Gionta all had a goal and assist each.

I found the officiating really punky this game too.

The Leafs fell again; this time getting a bit closer and blowing a two goal lead to Vancouver in their 5-3 loss.   Rookie Nazim Kadri did not score a hat trick which is probably better for his future as insane expectations were not created.

The Ottawa Sens had good news and bad.  The good news is that they Brian Elliot shut out the Bruins and is pretty much their number one goalie.  Sadness hit the team as former player Luke Richardson and his family lost their 14 year old daughter whose death hit the air waves before game time.  Our condolences go out to the Richardson family.

Calgary lost again too; this time 4-3 to the San Jose Sharks.   How much longer will the Flames keep losing before someone gets the chop?

LA stomped the Isles 5-1; Phoenix beat the Blues 5-3; it was Nashville 4-3 in the shoot out vs Chicago; Detroit over Colorado 3-1; Evegeni Malkin’s Hat Trick led Pittsburgh to a 4-2 in Atlanta; Philly tamed the Panthers 5-2; and Buffalo beat the Washington Capitals 3-2 in OT.

25 year old Jeff Carter signed an 11 year contract with Philly locking him up with a cap hit under $6m per season.   Philadelphia also signed Claude Giroux as they get their key players locked up ala the Detroit Red Wings.

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