Free For All on – Sunday November 14 7:30 PM EST Special Guest Ian Thuillier and then it’s the Cornwall Cultural Committee – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Click the banner to listen to the Free For All Tonight.    Special guest this evening is Filmmaker, photographer and Artist Ian Thuillier from Dublin Ireland.

Ian’s been a busy boy this year with two documentaries released.

“2010 has seen Ian firmly establish himself as trusted director on the contemporary cultural scene in Ireland, directing an Arts Lives documentary on Irish iconoclast Gavin Friday, and completing a 15th anniversary feature documentary Ghost Blues on the legendary rock blues guitarist Rory Gallagher, recently broadcast on RTE and soon to be released on DVD world-wide. He is listed in the Hot Press Who’s Who 2010.

Ian is a self-shooting producer, director and editor continuing a tradition that links the family name with Irish media, for Ian’s father is Harry Thuillier, one of the most distinctive voices in the early days of Irish broadcasting.

Ian’s directorial debut was in 2001 when he produced, directed and edited a moving tribute to the life of his late brother and renowned fine arts photographer, Harry Thuillier Jnr.  Entitled Darkroom, Thuillier constructed an intimate exploration of an artist on the edge, from his earliest days to his tragic and controversial death in Italy. The film went on to win Best Documentary at the 2003 Boston Irish Film Festival along with many more international nominations.

Ian was nominated for Best New Talent in 2003 Irish Film and Television Awards. Since then Ian has gone on to direct and edit numerous pieces of work for Irish musicians including a 14-camera shoot of Bell X1’s sell-out Point Depot show in 2006 which formed part of the hit Live DVD package Tour de Flock; he took on the role of interviewer on Mundy’s Live & Confusion DVD; and has completed short films and video installation pieces for Irish artists and the Irish Arts Council.”

Ghost Blues Trailer


Ian also directed Ladies and Gentlemen, Gavin Friday for RTe this year as well.

You local music fans and filmmakers won’t want to miss this rare interview.

For more on Ian Thuillier visit his website.

After we talk Cornwall Culture and the Scene with the members of the newly formed Cornwall Cultural Committee, Jeff Brunet, Rodney Rivette, Jason Setnyk, and Jamie Gilcig.

The lines will be open and tall free at 1 877 640 1175. ~  Your community radio station LIVE from Cornwall Ontario and Canada!

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  1. Listened to the show…thought Paul’s idea of rethinking the name of The Cornwall Cultural Committee so as to include Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry and Akwesasne was a very good one. The group does wish to represent and include all of these resident community members…yes? Look forward to hearing how this idea is received.

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