Hats Off to Milliken by Keith Beardsley Ottawa ON – Peter Milliken has given a reasoned explanation and defence of the superiority of the rights of Parliament. At the same time, the Speaker has asked the warring factions to get together and come up with a solution over the next two weeks. Surely, if allContinue Reading

Ottawa ON – And another new poll this time from Harris Decima. This will give folks inside the Queensway an opportunity to breathlessly carve up and analyze the numbers. To what end? New polling numbers certainly fill a lot of space and everyone, including myself, gets a chance to pontificateContinue Reading

Ottawa ON – The government has given notice that it will introduce legislation that allows for an extra two advanced polling days during an election. Obviously they hope that more of us will vote. Giving Canadians two extra days to vote is all well and good, but that assumes CanadiansContinue Reading

Cornwall ON – The Cornwall Free News & Seawayradio.com are proud to announce a new Political Column written by Mr. Keith Beardsley. Welcome to “View from the Hill”. In the days ahead, this column will look at what is happening in Ottawa and discuss why everyday Canadians should be payingContinue Reading