AUGUST 31, 2021 – With so many businesses, services, and organizations struggling through this pandemic CFN wants to be as supportive to them as we can.

So we’re rolling out four ad spaces where you can place your self serve ad for insane rates!

With over 20,000 pageviews weekly with Cornwall, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Kingston being our key markets there is no better value for your ad dollar, especially at these rates!

You supply your artwork and where you wish it to be linked to. Your banner can be a multi card gif at no additional charge as well.

300×250 pixel size ads

300×250 Pixel ads

There will be one slot on our home page and inner pages where your ad will rotate.

Only $299 for up to one one full year!

488×180 Pixel ad

There is one home page slot and one inner page slot.

This size ad is discounted to $499 for up to one full year.

Sky Scraper

A whopping 300×650 pixel space can be yours! One slot on our inner or home page.

This space is only $999.00 for up to one full year!

These are self serve ads. You send us your banner. You send us the link. We send you an invoice to be paid via e interac payment.

For more information you can email us at info@cornwallfreenews-com