City Hall confirmed that after several years all that has been raised. IE, money in the bank, from all of those wanting an art centre in Cornwall at the former tiny Bank of Montreal building is a paltry….. $351,735.30 The City to date has purchased the building for nearly $500K.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   I’d like those of you that read this that actually care about the arts locally to think about this.  Digest it. Taste it like a fine wine please. The City of Cornwall, led by Mayor Bernadette Clement and “her girls” will spend about the same money thisContinue Reading

Cornwall politics are essentially shameless, corrupt, and frankly the government we collectively deserve. No other issue highlights this better than the BMO farcical art centre hustle. Essentially for over 30 years the city doled out a very very meagre amount of money to sustain the charity that was our PublicContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – What a weird group around the council table Cornwall has.    It’s odd, as though some on council have brain function issues….or simply are trying to copy Brockville. Brockville’s art centre renovated an old theatre; with much public money, into a stunning and lovely facility that isContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – In an I’m sure unintentional  bizarre joke the Seaway News ran a piece trumpeting a scrolling image on a TV in the basement of the Civic complex as a triumph for area artists. There are a few real artists in the region, but most have stayed awayContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – TAG Cornwall, the now closed Public Art Gallery of Cornwall had dusty plans for an Art Centre from 1995.   The City of Cornwall of course never moved forward and slashed funding for the Charity to zero for 2015 and 2016 before it closed, instead spending theContinue Reading

I’m not big on veneers.    Politicians live by them.   I’d rather be liked, or disliked, for whom I am than who I want people to see me as. There’s been a certain irony to watch the hate and stupidity roll here in Cornwall of late. We have theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In an odd twist of events the City Report from staff to council to be presented Monday night excludes The Art Gallery of Cornwall.  The city’s 33 year old public gallery was left off of the report to council of groups to confer with regarding the cityContinue Reading