The buzz is that the Centre Culturel, which currently sits in a building owned by City Councilor Brock Frost will be moving into the Cornwall General Hospital where it will open a French Art Gallery and Library. The group is taking over a large 1000 square foot space as wellContinue Reading

YAC (Your Arts Council) announced today that it was moving away from having an Executive Director and cutting ties with Bruce Davis. Davis had been with YAC since it’s political inception with Community Futures under Francois Desormeaux. YAC had stated at the budget hearings that it needed cash from theContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – First he was on the board of YAC (Your Arts Council) and then he was off, rumored to be regarding a…..Conflict of Interest. Next Eric Covington joined up with TAG’s new board (The Art Gallery of Cornwall).    TAG, going through it’s third board in less than fiveContinue Reading