DECEMBER 23, 2020 – Castle Faggot is a comedic straightforward novella of 85 pages by Derek McCormack with a bonus ten-page afterword by Zac Farley and Dennis Cooper. That last part exists as defense and praise for what I gather is a departure from DM’s normal writing. I admit toContinue Reading

 CFN – I was delighted to be asked to review W. Brett Wilson’s book “Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes”. For those of you who have watched  “Dragon’s Den” you may be familiar with him. A highly successful business man and philanthropist, his principles for business should be taught to everyContinue Reading

  CFN – How We Lead covers past, present, and future, “we” being Canada as a whole— citizens, businesses, corporations, NGOs and “not just governments,” Clark insists. And, importantly, Canada’s reputation in the world.   What kind of leadership, he asks, have we shown in a changing world over theContinue Reading