It’s very rare that I appeal to the community and there are some that will suggest that this appeal is strictly for myself; maybe for selfish reasons, but it’s certainly not meant to be treated. On February 7th my life changed.  I had gone to court to try and collectContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – As some of you know I was charged by Cornwall Police for making threatening phone calls over a month ago. I’ve had people state that I had been found guilty, which I haven’t.  I’ve been fingerprinted, put in a cell, patted down.   I’ve had phone callsContinue Reading

Our taxes are too high and this is why!   The Police Board should only negotiate a one year contract and they should not be making agreements that extend beyond their mandate.   I urge Council at its next regular meeting to discuss the upcoming Police Contract and make sureContinue Reading

SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE               Cornwall, ON-The Cornwall Community Police Service currently have a section of the City cordoned off as a result of an incident in which a suspicious package was found. As a result the area of Bergeron Lane commonly known as the “RATS NEST” and the Cotton Mill areaContinue Reading