Cornwall Ontario –  We’re just starting to get details of yet another accident blocking traffic on Highway 401.  Traffic is being diverted to highway 2. This incident is reported by CFN viewer Jack Lalonde. Firefighters have been reported on the scene. If you see news happen email your video orContinue Reading

Has there ever been a tax increase that councilor Bernadette Clement or Elaine MacDonald ever turned down?   With a management report requesting nearly a 5% single year jacking of the water rates in Cornwall she, Elaine MacDonald, and her puppy Councilor Carilyne MacDonald were the only three on councilContinue Reading

Obscene is one way to put it.  The way arbitrators treat taxpayers is what I’m referring to.  The latest labour contract arbitration award for Cornwall firefighters is nothing short of obscene and short-sighted.  In brief the firefighters received 1.5% for Jan. 1, 2013, 1% for July 1, 2013, 1.5% forContinue Reading