Clement, MacDonald & Hebert Defeated on Water Rate HIKE in Cornwall Ontario DEC 4, 2015

Has there ever been a tax increase that councilor Bernadette Clement or Elaine MacDonald ever turned down?   With a management report requesting nearly a 5% single year jacking of the water rates in Cornwall she, Elaine MacDonald, and her puppy Councilor Carilyne MacDonald were the only three on council to support said rate hike which would have long term implications to residents in the Seaway City.

Maurice_DupelleCouncilor Maurice Dupelle led the resistance to simply take the funds out of reserves to cover a higher than normal need in 2015.

Council had a special meeting on a Wednesday to tackle the issue prior to an in camera meeting.

There was a recorded vote where the three councillors saw the raise dropped down to 1.88% which will be under $10 per rate payer as opposed to the $30+ that the report called for.

Clement, Hebert, & MacDonald, also participated earlier in  the year to gerrymander a process that led to the decision four fire fighting positions before an arbitration  decision led to a near 8% hike for firefighters.

During the 2014 tax hikes were a major issue and focus with many running signing the Community Action Group pledge to hold the line on taxes.

The CAG did not voice any comment regarding the water rate hike.

What do you think Cornwall?  Is there any way to stop the runaway tax hikes that council keeps approving?  You can post your comments below.


  1. What are the fire fighters going to do but swat flies and play peanuckle since Cornwall is so small that nothing ever happens down there. When a certain name gets in the fire department or the bfpd then up goes the salaries. The vast majority of the people of Cornwall are on fixed incomes and only those with very high incomes are surviviing. This is utter nonsense. I sensed Carilyn Hébert just what kind she was almost like a dog senses a bone. This woman is out of her cotton pickin mind.

  2. With the inflation rate currently at 1% I find any tax (residential, water, etc.) hike above that hard to accept. I realize the city has to maintain certain levels of service, etc. But with a residential tax hike of 2.4% in March and now a 1.88% water /sewer it is getting harder and harder to accept these hikes from the city.

  3. Councils position on taxes, seniors, whistleblowers and ethical practices to list a few are a positive for the continuing development in outlying areas like Long Sault. With a high number of individuals on welfare and an extremely large demographic over age 55 Cornwall continues to ensure that population growth will likely be held to zero or less. Congratulations Cornwall council members on your consistent efforts to erode the tax base insuring that those that remain can see their burden increased.

  4. Please do a little research Jules before saying things. Cornwall firefighters are more active in their duties. It’s been revealed Cornwall has more fires than other cities the same size. Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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