OTTAWA: The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ordered that the case of a young girl (“NB”) and her mother against the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, the child’s former teacher and the principal of the school, will proceed to a full hearing. The Tribunal has dismissed an application from the school boardContinue Reading

Aestheticians justified in refusing to handle male genitals against their will: BC Human Rights Tribunal VANCOUVER:  The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ( is pleased to announce that the BC Human Rights Tribunal has ruled in favour of home aestheticians’ right to refuse to handle male genitalia against their will. The decision noted,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – You’d think as empty as Cornwall Square usually is they’d be happy to have anyone shopping, but sadly an incident occurred involving a mom of an autistic boy. Apparently a security guard took issue with loud noises from the child and not only asked them to leave,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Cornwall Lawyer Milena Cardinal may not be a great lawyer, but she once posited that we journalists needed to spend more time in the courts because lawyers, justices, and the system can brutalize lives.    She even went on about how police lie on the stand frequently. Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – While the Best Western Parkway Inn & Conference Centre & a few other parties to the Human Rights Tribunal complaint that’s reverberated across Canada have clarified or changed their policies to match the laws of the land, CFN confirmed that the City of Cornwall via it’s highContinue Reading