SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 – Lawyer Keith Gordon has filed a Federal Claim against the MCA. It is seeking to be a Class Action, and right now there is one claimant, Roger Thompson of Akwesasne. At the root is land locked property in Akwesasne and how there is no device toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Then next few years will be a defining period for both Akwesasne and Cornwall.  At stake is an extremely valuable strip of waterfront lands that the Federal government will be selling, most likely through a process via Canada Lands where the properties are evaluated and then soldContinue Reading

Akwesasne – Last week I was able to attend the two public sessions in which the people of Akwesasne had an opportunity to discuss the proposed land claims settlement as presented by the St. Regis Tribal Council and printed in the Indian Time newspaper. .The first public information gathering wasContinue Reading