Abram Benedict Re Election as Grand Chief Could Spell Land Fight for Cornwall Waterfront by Jamie Gilcig 070118

Cornwall Ontario – Then next few years will be a defining period for both Akwesasne and Cornwall.  At stake is an extremely valuable strip of waterfront lands that the Federal government will be selling, most likely through a process via Canada Lands where the properties are evaluated and then sold at market values to gain the best value for Canadian taxpayers.

In reality many of these lands should return to the municipalities that they are in; or at least give them first shot.

While some delusional local politicians like David Murphy,  who hopefully isn’t the best that this community can come up for election,  there are issues with our friends in Akwesasne who have long standing land claims that have not been tested in court for a confusing mass of reasons.

Essentially the current system generally does not allow for lands to be returned, but cashed out.   There have been agreements where lands were included.

The Trudeau government has been very accommodating, or at least making accommodating statements which has many in Cornwall worrying about the future of our waterfront.

The court route would be very expensive to all involved and probably be a tempest in a teapot.  Negotiation also has issues.  IE, if the lands truly belong to Akwesasne then there’s nothing to negotiate for them and vice versa for Cornwall or the Federal government.  Already one joint venture was created in shadows which hasn’t moved forward since it was done.   These processes need to be more transparent and open the public.

The Federal government does have a responsibility to consult with Akwesasne, but do they owe them the lands?

I’m sure we can accommodate that. We are not looking to displace any of the recreational benefits that people have because our people enjoy that as well

Quotes like the one above from another area media outlet (The MCA and Chief Benedict Boycott CFN even though this newspaper has supported Akwesasne and included them in events run by CFN like our Town Hall meetings) are cause for concern for area residents who can’t imagine Lamoureux Park and other areas of the Cornwall waterfront belonging to Akwesasne.

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  1. Could? More than likely it will involve the courts. Never fun or cheap to do.

  2. Can you imagine building a condo or even a house and finding out that the land is not yours and that you may have to tear the place down. I would love to be in those meetings as a fly on the wall but don’t swat it may be me having a good time listening to all the crap coming apart.

  3. By federal law, Any property deemed surplus is offered to the nearest First Nation and in this case, Akwesasne. then everyone else. Bitch all you want, but Cornwall’s out of luck.

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