CFN – Criminal charges were filed today against two Oshawa City Hall security staff for an alleged assault that took place on September 3rd, 2013. Oshawa City Councillor Bruce Wood, who witnessed the alleged assault during a recess in a city council meeting, brought the charges before an Oshawa JusticeContinue Reading

CFN – Mayor John Henry of Oshawa Ontario sent  us a statement for publication after the incident in his council last week that resulted in several members of the public being hauled away by police.  LINK The beginning of each Council meeting begins with the following preamble, which provides membersContinue Reading

CFN – What the heck is happening in Oshawa Ontario? Council went awry resulting in armed plain clothed police and what appears to be city staff wrassled a citizen to the ground that was seated? Activist Barry Dutton was also evicted under the guise of Trespass. More video of OshawaContinue Reading