Reversal in Oshawa as Two Security Staff Charged For Alleged Assault from back in September 2013

Oshawa City Councillor Bruce Wood, who witnessed the alleged assault during a recess in a city council meeting, brought the charges before an Oshawa Justice of the Peace.
Charged are Brian Wilson and Adrian Francisco who work for Federal Security Agency Corporation, a company that is responsible for providing city hall security.
Oshawa resident Anne Shipperley DeVuono, who attended the council meeting and was seated in the audience, was able to record on her iPhone exactly what took place.
Her recording showed security officer Brian Wilson initiate a physical encounter with city activist William (Bill) Steele, who was tying his shoes while preparing to leave the meeting.

The video clearly showed Wilson approach a seated Bill Steele, who was then grabbed around the neck from behind by the second guard, Adrian Francisco. Francisco then dragged Steele backwards, off of his seat to the floor.
The shaken Oshawa resident emerged from the meeting with numerous injuries including a sore shoulder, injured back, torn shirt and bloody nose. He was led, in handcuffs, from the council chambers by three armed undercover Durham Regional Police Officers who, for some reason, had been planted in the audience.
After the Oshawa Justice of the Peace ruled in Councillor Wood’s favour for the laying of charges, the city politician emerged from the courtroom saying that September 3rd, 2013 was a dark day for Oshawa.
“Our city taxpayers must be able to attend council meetings without fear of being dragged to the ground. Residents must feel safe and free from assault at city hall since it is their building.”
Mr. Steele, who had originally been charged with assault by the police, had those charges withdrawn last week by the Crown. The accused will face their first court appearance on February 10th at the Oshawa Courthouse in room 108 at 11:30am.
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