CFN Banner 1140x250-VER05Anytime you go from 14.2 to 29.5 MILLION page views in one year it’s something to be proud of!   And that’s exactly what CFN has done thanks to you; our amazing viewers!

And now it’s time for some of the numbers!

Canadian traffic 88.7%

US  8.23%

Unique Visitors for 2013 


Visits for 2013


Page Views for 2013


Most Popular Day on CFN?


Busiest Hour of the Day?


84% of our Canadian Traffic comes from Ontario! 

1,416,126 visits!

Our Top 25 City Viewers for 2013

1) Cornwall 41%  779,261 visits

2) Ottawa 12%  228,076

3) Montreal  138,556

4) Toronto 125,043

5) Kingston 19,766

6) Morrisburg 15,965

7) Brockville  15,963

8.) Mississauga

9) New York NY

10) London ON

11) Gatineau

12) Calgary

13) Vancouver

14) Hamilton

15) Alexandria

16) Hawkesbury

17) Windsor

18) Edmonton

19) Sudbury

20) Belleville

Average time per page visited

32 seconds

Bounce Rate

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Our Top Five Most Viewed Stories of the Year

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1)  Funeral Turns into Brawl in Cornwall Ontario – Son of Deceased Loses Chunk of Ear to Lawyer – HD VIDEO June 1, 2013

2) Heart of the Family 150 Licensed Day Care Shut Down by Ministry in Cornwall Ontario – June 1, 2013

3) BREAKING – FIRE strikes St. Albert Cheese Factory in St. Albert Ontario

4) Redcliff Owned Triovest Managed Cornwall Square Parking Garage Under Investigation by Jamie Gilcig

5) Alexander Auto in Cornwall Ontario Picketed by Unhappy Customer – June 20, 2013

SouthStor Celebrate 728x90 2013-06-23 REV03

CFN is proud to initiate an Economic Development & Marketing plan for Municipalities and regions called Celebrate!

The Celebrate program is a simple and powerful tool to help promote areas and the businesses, services, and organizations that are the life blood of their communities.

We have rolled out our first community, South Stormont Ontario.

The program showcases local concerns, features South Stormont and will include full page items on featured facets of what make South Stormont so special.

If you are a business, service, or organization in South Stormont call Reg at 613 537 9701 to be a part of Celebrate South Stormont or 613 361 1755 to book your spot for Celebrate Cornwall!

If you are spotted wearing a CFN pin you can win valuable prizes.   Click the banners that you see on CFN later this month to find out where to pick your pin or email

We at CFN  could not do it without you.    And if you love CFN as much as it looks like you do, and want to help please keep viewing.

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 River Kings


CFN is also a proud sponsor of your Cornwall River Kings!

Check out our coverage and if you catch me at a Kings game wearing my number 31 jersey you could win free tickets !

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We don’t ever wish to have Pay Walls on CFN so for those of you who want us to grow and expand our coverage please consider clicking the link below and help us do just that!

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  1. Congrats on your CFN accomplishments. The free market voluntary chooses its information sources according to its own expectations. CFN is meeting some expectations in order to keep growing. Well done team.

  2. Congrats Jamie and team you are the best there is.

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