Oddly enough today the City of Cornwall issued a press release.  Kevin Lajoie, Public Information Officer, once again neglected to include CFN in the release and I only found out about it after a reporter contacted me for comment. What our new CAO calls a distraction was a clear violationContinue Reading

CFN – In this day and age of social media we become more aware of how uneven justice can be.  While Justice is supposed to be blind; it also is meant to be evenly applied; but it looks like that may not be the case. Today the CBC did aContinue Reading

CFN – What the heck is happening in Oshawa Ontario? Council went awry resulting in armed plain clothed police and what appears to be city staff wrassled a citizen to the ground that was seated? Activist Barry Dutton was also evicted under the guise of Trespass. More video of OshawaContinue Reading