Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams calls Kilger T Shirt Incident DISTRACTION as City Release Settlement info MAY 16, 2016

Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams calls Kilger T Shirt Incident DISTRACTION as City Release Settlement info MAY 16, 2016

Oddly enough today the City of Cornwall issued a press release.  Kevin Lajoie, Public Information Officer, once again neglected to include CFN in the release and I only found out about it after a reporter contacted me for comment.

City of Cornwall Kilger T Shirt release

What our new CAO calls a distraction was a clear violation of Human Rights and Freedom of the press.

She herself has also refused, during her time as CFO prior to becoming CAO of the city to disclose the global amount of legal bills spent on this case including the ridiculous tomes presented by two city litigators at a settlement hearing.   Estimates run as high as $20K.

Like the Whistleblower cases in Cornwall vs the Kilger council the city legal team delayed a trial while racking up huge legal bills.

The city also sought to have a gag order and ironically I didn’t write about the settlement after even though there was no gag order in the settlement.


The darker issues at present is whether the CCPS is a private police service or public one?  Former mayor Kilger was on the police board and his campaign manager, Pat Finucan, was the chair of the police board while Chief Dan Parkinson was up for a new contract.

gilcig removed from city council published by seaway news feb 10 2014Seven officers entered council chambers within 47 seconds of Mr. Kilger hitting the panic button as per the video above.   That’s pretty special physical abilities by those officers as there was a Winter storm going on at that time, and the police station is next door and there normally aren’t seven officers at a council meeting.

Likewise, the police have refused to file any charges against any of the complaints I’ve made, specifically including those that have made proven false charges against myself, and one incident  that occurred right on video.

The problem with this case is that those who really should be held responsible couldn’t.

The reason suit was issued in small claims was to expedite a clear  decision.    Any monetary damages would be at the expense of the public and they should not have to pay for the corruption of elected officials.   This suit was never about money.   Was there a need to run up such a high legal bill for tax payers?

Maureen Adams may call this incident a distraction, but it’s a canary in a coal mine about how the City of Cornwall conducts itself and abuses local journalists and local business as well as uses police services as a weapon.   She now has to decide how to deal with the harassment complaint against former councilor Brock Frost which former CAO Norm Levac and the city HR Manager have not answered to date.

It’s time to clean up City Hall, and it’s a time for a review of the CCPS management team and to look at options such as bringing in the OPP if the CCPS can’t be cleaned up.

Taxes will never stabilize as long as services are abused for private agendas.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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