Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams calls Kilger T Shirt Incident DISTRACTION as City Release Settlement info MAY 16, 2016

Oddly enough today the City of Cornwall issued a press release.  Kevin Lajoie, Public Information Officer, once again neglected to include CFN in the release and I only found out about it after a reporter contacted me for comment.

City of Cornwall Kilger T Shirt release

What our new CAO calls a distraction was a clear violation of Human Rights and Freedom of the press.

She herself has also refused, during her time as CFO prior to becoming CAO of the city to disclose the global amount of legal bills spent on this case including the ridiculous tomes presented by two city litigators at a settlement hearing.   Estimates run as high as $20K.

Like the Whistleblower cases in Cornwall vs the Kilger council the city legal team delayed a trial while racking up huge legal bills.

The city also sought to have a gag order and ironically I didn’t write about the settlement after even though there was no gag order in the settlement.


The darker issues at present is whether the CCPS is a private police service or public one?  Former mayor Kilger was on the police board and his campaign manager, Pat Finucan, was the chair of the police board while Chief Dan Parkinson was up for a new contract.

gilcig removed from city council published by seaway news feb 10 2014Seven officers entered council chambers within 47 seconds of Mr. Kilger hitting the panic button as per the video above.   That’s pretty special physical abilities by those officers as there was a Winter storm going on at that time, and the police station is next door and there normally aren’t seven officers at a council meeting.

Likewise, the police have refused to file any charges against any of the complaints I’ve made, specifically including those that have made proven false charges against myself, and one incident  that occurred right on video.

The problem with this case is that those who really should be held responsible couldn’t.

The reason suit was issued in small claims was to expedite a clear  decision.    Any monetary damages would be at the expense of the public and they should not have to pay for the corruption of elected officials.   This suit was never about money.   Was there a need to run up such a high legal bill for tax payers?

Maureen Adams may call this incident a distraction, but it’s a canary in a coal mine about how the City of Cornwall conducts itself and abuses local journalists and local business as well as uses police services as a weapon.   She now has to decide how to deal with the harassment complaint against former councilor Brock Frost which former CAO Norm Levac and the city HR Manager have not answered to date.

It’s time to clean up City Hall, and it’s a time for a review of the CCPS management team and to look at options such as bringing in the OPP if the CCPS can’t be cleaned up.

Taxes will never stabilize as long as services are abused for private agendas.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. LOL LOL. ROLF! I could never ever live under that system at all ever! This kind of behavior that happened is like a very funny movie and I can tell you that when I want a good laugh I go on that site which I bookmarked and I bookmarked it again. No wonder everyone laughs at Cornwall as a stinking joke. This is very hilarious to look at Mayor on a Milkcarton.

  2. The darker issues?..CCPS a private police service?…how can a police force paid from the public purse be “private”?

  3. Governments does not act or think rationally. It is inbred to defend themselves. Not always the smart thing from a taxpayers point of view.

  4. City Council loses again!

    Mayor Hogg’s legacy is the stain that keeps coming through when you try just painting over it, and a stain on the Police — doing the bidding of a tired old bag-o-skin despot.

    Did their law firm not advise council it was a “no-win”? Or is council so spiteful that taxpayers must now pay $20,000+, spent (on top of the $3,000 settlement), for just another black-eye?

  5. This insanity was all planned ahead for Jamie with the t-shirt with the mayor on the milk carton. This is crazy in crazy land to make such an issue and having Cornwall’s so called cops (LOL LOL ROLF!) come out from hiding like a bunch of skunks that look totally and completely dumbfounded with mouths wide open to catch flies. One cop left his pen and pad behind where they scurried like hell out.

  6. Simon Cornwall just keeps digging itself in one stinky mess after another. First its BOB with his famous fiasco with Jamie and the mayor on a milk carton and this time it is Lez with the children’s hockey fiasco as well as worm and lemonade gate and Lez calls CFRA and broadcasts everything to the entire country. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  7. There was a great deal more money on high priced lawyers that “Frontiertown” dished out than Jamie’s mighty tiny settlement. That doesn’t include what Diana Shay’s case is coming up with nor about Fraudster Frosty the Showman has with Jamie. Jamie has more fuzz on his tail than a cat in the burrs. LOL LOL. ROLF! The fuzz comes out like skunks out of their hole and stunned like rabbits.

  8. I have seen that weird cop in the picture where you see Jamie with the camera and we were driving on Marlborough St. and Ninth St. when we saw him at the traffic area directing traffic for some odd reason. I told my husband there is that weird cop wanting to fight Jamie for no reason. This is real comedy for me better than anything I have seen on TV or the net. LOL LOL. Love it.

  9. If the t-shirt with BOB on the milk carton was only a distraction then why in the hell would the so called law be involved. The skunks came up so fast for nothing at all. Not one of them knew what was going on or maybe they did and this was all being filmed by Jamie to make a funny movie about Frontier town. This is what you taxpayers are paying for. OMG the laughter that I have.

  10. Rather than speculate please read what actually happened. The reason there were so many police available was due to a shift change. As for if they should have been requested is up to interpretation of the Municipal Act of Ontario. Each side has it’s own interpretation of what happened.

  11. Author

    Hugger that’s just not true. It was never about the police being available, but how they were able to respond in 47 seconds. Again, it was February and a snow storm was going on. In those 47 seconds did they all remove their Winter wear? If they weren’t wearing any why wouldn’t they be wet from snow.

    I was sitting in the back and wearing my coat. The shirt wasn’t even visible at that point and insiders said that Kilger had thought I was wearing a different shirt (which still would have been legal).

    Honestly the city is lucky that I didn’t use Superior Court and sue for a much larger amount. It was never about money, but holding them accountable.

  12. I refuse to get in to a pissing contest with anyone. Like I said “Each side has it’s own interpretation of what happened..” It’s up to those concerned about what happened to decide for themselves what they think happened AND why.

  13. My husband asked me this morning if there was anything new in Cornwall and I looked at him wondering if he was for real and said what else is new in Frontierland except the usual smuggling. We looked at one another and roared like a lion with laughter. Nothing changes in Frontierland except for our wonderful Jamie who puts Frontierland on the map and yours truly with so much laughter.

  14. Hugger nobody responds that fast with a shift change and those so called cops were in shock and awe with their mouths open ready to catch flies. One was ready to do boxing with our Jamie, one forgot his pen and pad and the rest stood around dumbfounded and the woman cop having a good laugh. The cop that didn’t shave as he said was laughing and didn’t want his mug shot on camera. Too funny.

  15. Jamie,

    I agree with you that apparently Human Rights is not high on Council agenda given its history dealing with complaints. I guess like you, Rob HIckley, Julie Johnston, Mary Anne Pilon and myself were/are also distractions. I am also hoping to clarify the Police Services role in my case should I be granted my day in court.

    Take Care,

    Diane Shay

  16. Author

    Hi Diane,

    I’m very concerned about the judge in your case as you know. I hope that his decision is well scrutinized,and I hope he treats you more graciously than he did myself.

    City Tax Dollars should not be used as political tools as they seem to be in Cornwall; and neither should the police or police services board either.

  17. Jamie,

    I believe that regardless of his decision there will be an appeal. I am please that the case facts are filed in the judicial system for future reference. As everyone knows there have been many cases like ours with the City only succeeding by simply denying and delaying, at the tax payers expense reinforcing this negative behavior with the truth getting lost in the process.

    Diane Shay

  18. Diane I hope that everything goes well for you and your case. You were give a raw deal by Lez and I never knew that he would be a bad mayor. Cornwall is Boss Hogg town and it has gotten a great deal worse over time. Jamie is a very good man and I have so many laughs that it hasn’t stopped. Royal Ottawa Hosp. may be needed for me. LOL LOL. Jamie is so funny along with that video.

  19. If Jamie had a t-shirt of me on a milk carton searching all over Ottawa for me he would have an awful lot of ground to cover compared to tiny Fossoli. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie you are a real jewel. I played the video again listening to you and others and I am laughing so hard and this will be another night to laugh myself to sleep. LOL LOL. ROLF! This is a prize.

  20. Author

    Diane three of our board members at the art gallery either had their jobs/businesses threatened. Those actions didn’t come on City Hall stationary or through official channels.

    We have to clean house at City Hall. Hiring a CAO that lives next to Denise Labelle Gelinas in Long Sault isn’t a solution. We need a CAO that will hold council accountable and a council that will hold management accountable.

  21. Morning Jamie,

    “Hiring a CAO that lives next to Denise Labelle Gelinas in Long Sault isn’t a solution.” Is this factual Jamie ? What is wrong with this picture ? Do we have any senior City Officials that live in our City ? Obviously, we (City) cannot discriminate , where a person lives, however, nothing forces us (City) to hire people that opt to live outside our boundaries ? IMO !

  22. Author

    When I ran for mayor this was one of the issues I looked at. You of course can’t discriminate, but was there even a true hiring process for CAO? If over half of this council was part of the mess of the last council, including O’Shaughnessy, their decision to give Adams the gig has to come into question.

    The scuttlebutt was that they wanted her to have the position instead of Levac, but she being smart didn’t want to be tainted by the last council and black op that is the harbor front hustle of our community.

    She’s tainted in my opinion, but will people in Cornwall say or do anything about it?

    Btw, my solution is moving forward to lower salary offers for senior positions, but add in a tax credit for city staff and management that live in the city.

    It would of course be more difficult to implement for the majority of union positions, but I’m sure it could be looked at.

    It might take time to implement, but it makes sense to try and retain as much cash that we pay out instead of building up South Stormont and South Glengarry.

  23. Jamie if I was wacky and quacky enough to live in the Cornwall area I would never live inside of Cornwall at all under any circumstances. You would find yours truly way out in the burbs where the quality of life is. The thing is I am too darn wise to live in Cornwall or the area and left for good. I enjoy the laughter about what goes on down in Fossoli.

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