CFN Interviews Long Time Ottawa & Cornwall Ontario Commentator JULES PART 1 MAY 15, 2016

CFN has always innovated and led the way in viewer comments in our community.   The Standard Freeholder has nuked their comments section, but CFN has evolved and has a very clear policy.
Our most popular commentator has been “Jules”.  She’s had 2,963 comments approved as a viewer, and probably as many not approved because she can be a bit…
When she doesn’t post for a few days we get viewers asking if she’s ok due to her health issues.    Jules is a former Cornwallite who settled into Ottawa with her family.  Personally I think she misses Cornwall.   She’s over the top and wacky, but if you filter and translate her message what Jules seems to be trying to see, you just might see pain in someone that for whatever reason simply doesn’t feel comfortable in the city she was born and grew up in.   And after all, if anything Jules herself is a microcosm of what people of Cornwall are really like, or at least those of her generation.
As a former Montrealer myself I can get that.   The city I grew up in during the 60’s and 70’s is no more.  Language issues, politics, and evolution simply have forever changed my former home town in a similar manner to what’s happened to Jules.
For over two years now I’ve asked Jules to do a sit down interview on camera, especially as some members of a local social media hate group have suggested that I am in fact Jules, which I very clearly am not.
CFN’s viewer policy is very clear now and has evolved to the point where people can safely post their comments with their favorite online newspaper in the community.   Jules is one of about a dozen or so viewers whose id’s were grand fathered when we made the change as you now have to post your first and last name to post.  Viewers like Jules registered their info with us and cannot post certain types of comments because they are anonymous.
However these anonymous ids become characters all unto themselves.  They are known by their id’s.
Like her, love her, hate her, or simply not care, Jules has become more identifiable to thousands of CFN viewers than the Mayor of our City. That’s says something about the speed of online media in 2016.
Without further adieu here is part one of our email interview with Jules who still fears divulging her real name or posting a photo of herself.   Sad that she fears simply because some might not like her opinions.
1)   How did you come by the name Jules?  There have been people that say I’m actually using a fake id and that there is no Jules.
I came by the name of Jules because one girl that I went to high school with at St. Michael’s Academy (now it is where Nick Kaneb made an old folks home) and she was nicknamed “big Jule” and her dad was very prominent in Cornwall and is now deceased.
I just grabbed that name and ran with it even on other sites and not just your site Jamie.  Jamie many people need their heads examined if they think that you are me.  All people have to do is go on quilting and ask some people if they remember jules1003 and Jamie doesn’t quilt.  Gee I have a lot of quilts to make.  I may also be remembered from frugal site as well by certain people.  People come and go but those who have been there a long time might remember me who knows but I used the same name.
2)  Are you really from Cornwall?  What part did you grow up in and can you talk about your life there much?
Yes I sure am from Cornwall and I grew up in the centre of the town not far from the north end.  I grew up and went to school with some of the posters.  I remember Claudette MacIntosh and I knew her former last name which wasn’t MacIntosh but I won’t mention it here so as she too can keep her privacy.
I grew up with Roland Rivette (brother of the councellor including the many brothers and sisters and with the Boudrias family among so many others.  We all went to St. Paul’s elementary school which is now St. Mathew’s alternative school.  St. Paul’s school was Ecole St. Paul which was a French Catholic elementary school.  I can name numerous people but I did go to CCVS with Mr. Parisien and his wife Sharon for a short while before going to St. Mike’s Academy as well as Ecole Secondaire St. Laurent (the old St. Lawrence High School which is now La Citadelle).
As a child life was pretty good in Cornwall and I enjoyed skating sometimes even though I was never good at it especially today it is the impossible dream and had to give that up.  I like to ride my bike back then and play with dolls, etc. like any child.  I used to make slides with dad and skating rink in the back yard.  I had a kind of happy childhood since I was alone after having two much older sisters than myself who were 16 and 20 years my senior.  I grew up with parents who went through the Great Depression of the 30’s era and I was their accident.  Yes I am from Cornwall no wonder I am wacky – too much smoke from the smoke stacks.  LOL LOL..
3)   Why did your family move away from Cornwall?
My immediate family (husband and kids as well as myself) moved from Cornwall to Ottawa for better opportunities in jobs and education.  I have a nephew who left Cornwall and got himself a good job quite a number of years ago here in Ottawa.  Cornwall is for certain people only.  I have a few family members left in Cornwall.  Mom and dad did not leave Cornwall at all and stayed and died down there.
4)  A lot of people say you hate Cornwall and bash it a lot.  Is that true and why do you write some of the things about Cornwall that you do?
I hate the way people have stayed behind and never advanced themselves and never changed Cornwall for the better and were too comfortable in their ways.  I don’t like what happened in Cornwall at all and see it as a literal graveyard and this is the truth.  If you saw Cornwall in past years you would be shocked to compare life today and life back then – like apples and oranges no comparison.
Cornwall is very dirty and that will not be erased and if ever it would take hundreds of years to do so.  Too many people remained uneducated except for a certain few.  I write down what is wrong with Cornwall to show them where things are wrong and I want people to wake up and look around themselves and learn to improve where they went wrong and stop being bumps on the log and get out there at the town hall meetings and voice your opinions and concerns and change things around.
The likes of LEZ nor BOB or any other will do anything unless you help to steer them in the right direction.  Cornwall’s taxes are unbelievable and if they think that things are bad now let them wait and see what is yet to come.  The sheeple have their mouths open like they have been frightened over something and yes they are frightened and don’t know their rights and don’t know how to take them.
5)  How did you find CFN and why do you post so much there?
I found CFN by going through the “toilet paper of record – the Freeloader” where I used to read and post using the name “jules” and I have always posted a lot of things everywhere Jamie and I like your paper since it is the best in that cursed polluted dump of a town.  LOL LOL.  ROLF!  There were people on the Freeloader (posters that is) and they spoke briefly about you and nothing bad everything good and when I went on CFN I saw a good editor and a good person.
6) What would be the most surprising thing about you that people might not realize?
I don’t know what is surprising about me Jamie.  I am who I am and I like to laugh and people who know me well know that about me.  I am a friendly person but a lot of times I do get angry especially at people who should be more intelligent than what they are and who develop a “Pollyanna” attitude when there are none.  I don’t paint a bed of roses where there are none to be painted.
Jamie I hope that this is what you wanted and keep on sending them along.  I can’t help laughing about all of this.  My husband said that the people of Cornwall have a good heart but they are way behind and he said sometimes it is a good quality and I don’t know what good quality.  I am teased every day by him about Cornwall.


  1. LOL LOL. Jamie you have an old Victorian type of quilt that is a mixture of embroidery stitches and a variety of patches. I never liked that quilt but I have seen it made very nicely in pastels on a quilt show some years ago. I am on my second Grandmother’s Flower Garden. My arthritis is killing me.

  2. Author

    Geez Jules, I asked you to send a picture for the story 🙂

  3. Thanks Jamie and Jules. I always enjoy your posts. I appreciate your insight and opinions

  4. Not in your life Jamie. There are too many people who would recognize me and then my addy would be worthless. LOL LOL. ROLF! Most of the people that I went to school with have left town. Very few have stayed in Cornwall. I have aged somewhat but I still look the same just aged somewhat.

  5. The quilt pattern in the picture is the crazy quilt. I guess you picked out the right name to suit me. I love pastels and brights but not darks. I have my daughter’s quilt that I am making right next to me. Grandmother’s Flower Garden being pieced – my second one of this pattern and what a job. One has to be crazy to put all this together.

  6. Jamie you want to run for mayor of Cornwall. Being a leader of any level takes “vision” and without vision people perish and we sure have seen that over and over and over again. About my character look in the KJV Bible and Jesus was rough on the people and he cracked his whip and threw the money changers out of the temple. LOL LOL.

  7. I am 65 years old and look somewhat younger but I sure do feel my age. I was working a little on my quilt and put it down – too tired tonight to do anymore work on it. This is a quilt that not many want to undertake and usually would make one in their lifetimes. I have made so many and my family loves them. It sure is a labor of love.

  8. Author

    yeah, and look where it got him Jules 🙂 Betrayed and crucified. Who the heck needs that. I should sell out and become a corporate shill.

  9. Pete Walbee thank you. I love Jamie’s columns since the first day that I fell on CFN and that is the truth. Other papers get their news from Reuters and such places when it comes to world news and things that are important that go on in Canada. Jamie deals locally and I can assure you that you won’t find a man like Jamie very often and he has leadership ability. I can see that in Jamie.

  10. Pete and folks the problem is that people are afraid of Jamie and the reason why is that Jamie can outdo them and they would come up looking like complete and utter idiots compared to him. I could see so much in Jamie since the beginning. The man has the ability to lead and prosper as much as he can but it takes everyone’s opinions and help to make a place prosper – one alone cannot do that.

  11. Jamie I will give you something to see about my husband’s village in Lebanon and not far from the end of this kind of a video you will see his house – the terrace part of it. You will see the church at the beginning and they built another from what I heard.

  12. My husband’s family house is over 200 years old and built by his great grandfather. The village used to be different – ordinary working people but today all professional people live there – snob in other words. My BIL wants to live in that house later but he may die before he sees it. We cannot live there at all and wish that it was sold a long time ago.

  13. My husband’s eldest sister who is now deceised since a few years let a Syrian refugee couple to live in the level below in the house – it is huge inside. The Syrian couple does work in the village and they have a donkey and it helps cultivate the gardens. Everyone is related in the village. There are many villages higher and lower. Israel looks like that as well Jamie – those old stone structu

  14. The story of the year would be Jules debating Trump… Could CFN arrange that?

  15. Lassie I happen to like Trump and he and his first wife Ivana raised good kids and the man is not all that bad. Trump is highly intelligent whereas the presidents that the US had so far are as dumb as a box of rocks except for Eisenhower and a few others. Trump has a big mouth because he is a sharp business man and it takes a mouth to make a business work.

  16. The more people knock Trump the higher his ratings go up. Jamie running as mayor of Cornwall would be a mistake in my book and I don’t want to discourage you but you can’t please the people when they don’t want to get up off their keesters and help. It is a very thankless job.

  17. Jamie you have to listen to this video because it is telling you the truth and you too Lassie and all of you quacks in Cornwall if you think that we are free think again. Listen to this video from beginning to end and you may learn something for a change. Obama State This Is the Enf of America
    I knew this for a mighty long time and awake.

  18. After all the truths that I have found out I want no part of Satan’s world because it isn’t mine at all. If people knew the real truth they couldn’t handle it and there would be more suicides than ever before. It is mighty frightening. The economy is going to crash soon and even Trump knows about all of that. There would be no debate between Trump and I because we see eye to eye on many things

  19. Check your sources Jules. Trump’s ratings are very low.

  20. Yes Jules. Trump is the second coming of Jesus H. Christ! It should be obvious to everybody by now. LOL LOL ROLF etc…

  21. If Hillary gets in God help everyone. Yes she is one of the brightest legal minds but is also the most dangerous and what she and Bill have done is going to send them to the gates of hell. Russia said that they will attack if Hillary gets in and Putin is extremely intelligent and mighty crafty and he means business. He doesn’t joke around like we westerners and you can’t tell what he is thinkin

  22. It is way too late for the economy to turn around. Here in Ottawa a lot of the jobs are part time or contract. Things are very dire and the young people have no future. I remember the stories that mom and dad told about the 30’s Great Depression and history always repeats itself and this is so very true.

  23. Hopefully the economy will turn around, much to the dislike of Jules who preaches doom and gloom. After a downturn the economy does usually rebound. If Trump is elected; which I highly doubt, he will be dealt a very quick lesson on how the world works. It does not revolve around him. As for jobs being part time that is the trend now. It is a way for companies to maximize profit, less expenses

  24. Dear Jules
    So glad your in CFN the best paper in town. I haven’t been here for a long time since some man tried to bully me.Thank you for hidin my identity.The hatred directed at Jamie is criminal.Jamie is so brave. Bravo JG for $3 grand victory.Take care of your self Jules…claudette “I remember Claudette MacIntosh and I knew her former last name which wasn’t MacIntosh but I won’t mention it

  25. Claudette you have always been a good person when I knew you in school and your identity is kept secret with me no matter what happens. There is a lot of bullying going around but I didn’t pick that up here at all or anywhere and take best care of yourself. Jamie is a great man and no words can describe him and I feel horrible for what he is going through. All the best to you Claudette.

  26. Jamie way back in the 1970’s era we went to Bouchey’s Food Market on Kilborn Ave. now closed and the one on Elgin will be closing July 31st and the name is pronounced like
    “bow like in bow wow” and we knew old Moe Bouchey and his son and others. We had the best back then and not the big corporations like we see today. Read the article Jamie and folks. I just told my husband.

  27. Hugger the economy is going to crash. The US economy is at least around 20 trillion dollars in debt and people who are on food stamps had their stamps cut and you will see riots in the streets sooner than you think and people are going to lose homes and businesses and this is all true. One of the people at the federal reserve in the US wants to increase interest rates and nothing will change.

  28. Claudette McIntosh you come on any time on CFN that you wish and don’t let anyone bully you. I am used to being bullied all my life and I fight back believe me. I remember you from high school and we once shared a class together in grade 9. I will give you that clue. Those were the better years Claudette.

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