Cornwall Ontario –  Cornwall council has embarrassed the city multiple times over the last few terms.   From the Fitzpatrick scandals, to the CFN boycott that included a mayor hitting the panic button over a t shirt he didn’t like, to this writers false arrest during the election while the mayorContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – A war seems to be waged from the Cornwall Fire Services against Cornwall City Councilor Mark A MacDonald? At root has been Councilor MacDonald’s position that the city has to come to grip with Fire and other services. Essentially we have to live within our ability toContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – There are some excited and joyous about Wal-Mart taking over the old Target warehouse facility.  There’s talk of a few hundred more jobs. More jobs of course is never a bad thing, but sadly to this writer this is not good news. Competition for positions is goodContinue Reading

The Emperor Has No Clothes   In reviewing the papers, hearing the gossip and assessing on my own thoughts it has become painfully obvious that a city, our city, has become part and parcel to an entrapment within the elements of our budgeting processes and that intimidation’s, blackballing’s, entitlements haveContinue Reading