The Community Market Bringing local food products and artisan products together in one location for your one stop shopping experience.   Less than a year old, The Community Market has grown into the place to go for local products. Located in Long Sault on 16133 County Road 36 (formerlyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The Counties of SD&G and the City of Cornwall are essentially waving their dirty laundry around as they duke it out in public over their shared services issues. Essentially both councils lack the ability to professionally work together.  The County for example, did not send their letterContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – As I write this the CCPS have not reported any crime since February 23.  That’s five days.   It’s a bit bewildering considering their budget? The United Counties of SD&G with about 50% more population, and far larger area to cover including CCPS Chief Dan Parkinson’s homeContinue Reading