City & Counties Squabble Goes Public – Highlights Need for Amalgamation by Jamie Gilcig MARCh 14, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – The Counties of SD&G and the City of Cornwall are essentially waving their dirty laundry around as they duke it out in public over their shared services issues.

Essentially both councils lack the ability to professionally work together.  The County for example, did not send their letter to this media outlet even though we’re the largest in the region chiefly because of the pettiness of a certain partisan Bruin’s loving political clique.

The City, leading a fiscal conspiratorial boycott against CFN still knows the impact of CFN and does send us their releases. (unless Kevin Lajoie is being a moody mare)

At root of this scrap is the simple ability to resolve shared services that the province forces on both parties, and potential shared services  that aren’t.

In principle that makes a lot of sense, but then so does Amalgamation  which would see an entity of about 100,000 residents in total.

Is there any real need to have to councils, support staffs, department duplication, etc when it’s essentially all coming out of one pocket?

There’s an old adage about getting the government one deserves.  Clearly we are seeing the fruits of that adage watching this dysfunctional group of petty people who feel entitled to run a civic government as a private closed shop for their supporters, friends, and family.

For this to go public a reasonable person could only shutter about what’s not public…

Here is the original letter from the Counties to City Hall:

Of course most of the warfare is between management staff.  Talk to some of these elected officials and I’d put money on my dachshund Fitzy over some of them if they were playing Jeopardy.

Mayor O’Shaughnessy had a staffer fire back a long winded letter:

Your tax dollars at work.   Over 15 elected officials can’t even get to first base on a very important file.  Is it the elected officials?  Staffers?  Both?  The dysfunctional system of political cronyism and bullying?  Too much fluoride in the water?   Too much Scotch?

But mostly we all should remember how important our vote is and how badly some of these folks have been performing.  Care about school closures?  Did you even vote for a school trustee?   Your vote counts.

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  1. I keep saying the same things over and over again and that is to amalgamate Cornwall with the entire SD&G and yes your taxes sure will go up just like what happened in Ottawa and if one village has higher debt that the other or higher than Cornwall then everyone is paying the piper. You want facilities then you have to pay the piper. A much better mayor and councils are needed.

  2. Cornwall’s mayor and council is a joke and that has to go as soon as possible. I always need to come on CFN to laugh as well as the toilet papers of record. Everything is done wrong and a total draining of the swamp is a necessity. The swamp stinks to high heaven and nothing is done and the same jackasses are elected from one year to the next. That has to stop.

  3. The Warden apparently insists that an arbitration clause be included , from
    their point of view understandable, however from the City’s point of view it
    could be a very dumb and expensive idea .

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