Ernie Slump – Western Separatist Shouts Out at Ontario & Quebec – Letter to the Editor

Ernie Slump – Western Separatist Shouts Out at Ontario & Quebec – Letter to the Editor

Free Speech and being debt free belong on the same page.


Now that the folks in the Cornwall region have launched their initiative for language fairness–please forward my compliments. I was a founder and builder of the federal Reform Party in Osoyoos, BC– the Okanagan town on the border with Washington State.–The BC Reform Party was started by Ron Gamble in Vancouver {before} Preston Manning launched his party.


The Quebecers have voted again for their independence. Their “free loading attitude and behavior” is wonderful news for western Canadians–particularly the people in Alberta and Saskatchewan: Note, AB and SK are the “only have” provinces in Canada. The next referendum will be a national vote–where western Canadians will vote to throw Quebec out of Canada.


A serious thought: Alberta and Saskatchewan may themselves be independent before Quebec gets around to voting for separation.


The combined debt of Ontario and Quebec is about half a trillion dollars: a trillion is 1000 billion.


In English that debt number is 500,000 million dollars. Most conservatives remember the Bob Rae NDP debt disaster in Ontario when it was $120 billion: McGuinty has run up the debt to $250 billion, plus he added a $15 billion annual deficit. Neither McGuinty or Charest could not run a Peanut stand. ! ! !


Realistically, the only 2 provinces that could pay down that debt are Alberta and Saskatchewan. When Ontario’s McGuinty and Quebec’s Charest plus the NDP mayor of Toronto openly bashed Alberta’s oil sands in front of the world at the Copenhagen conference on climate control; why would the two western power houses concern themselves with central Canada’s debt.? ? ?


Note: American coal powered electricity generating plants produce 70 X as much green house gases that the Alberta oil sands do. ! ! !. The oil sands produce less than 5% of Canada’s green house gases.


Since the beginning of Canada, when it came to “screwing the west” Ontario and Quebec always voted as a block to limit western influence. Compare western U.S. States to western Canadian provinces: When they were ready to join the Union–the States were considered as equals–with the same rights and responsibilities.


David Smith–A Liberal senator–he’s a Trudeau Poodle– always uses this line in elections: “we will screw the west and take the rest”.


Western Canadians have some favorite expressions: 1. What goes around, comes around. 2. Sooner or later you run out of BS. 3. The big line with power is “let those eastern bastards freeze in the  dark”. The bottom line is that the west will never get over Trudeau’s National Energy Policy (NEP): Bad as that disaster was, Dion, had he defeated Harper would have launched NEP 2.


The new Alberta premier is a BC NDP socialist; before going to Alberta she was a UN lawyer. I believe she is in for a rough ride. Believe it or not, she is flirting with the idea of another NEP: She calls it a {National Energy Strategy}. She is playing with fire and is bound to get burnt.


Alberta has paid $600 billion in Transfer Payments and is running a deficit.


Alberta and  Norway started their Heritage Saving Funds at about the same time. Norway has $574 billion in their account. The Alberta fund has $2 billion left in their account. When the present Alberta premier–Alison–‘the Red’–Redfern, joined the government a few years ago, the fund had between $13 & 17 billion in the bank. An interesting comparison: The Norwegian government does not have a “free loading Province” threatening to break up the nation, if it does not get what it wants, at the expense of all other parts of the country.


Most of Alberta’s conventional oil is gone–the oil sands should last for another 100 years. After the end of oil — Alberta and BC still have a 1000 year supply of coal.




Ernie Slump: Canadian Army retired: Penticton

Last Unit: Load Master on the Chinook at 450 Transport helicopter Squadron, CFB Ottawa (Uplands) 1977-80.

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PJ Robertson:

Your FDR quote about fascism brings to mind how true it is in all governments as due to donations many if not most polititians get their hands dirty by receiving corporate financing and smoozing while in power.

Us pee ons don’t stand a chance at a democraticly elected governance who listens to us, instead of their pockets.

So unfortunate that we have come to believe this.


More new names… It’s great… Oh hey, Dukers1 I enjoyed reading your post on October 1, 2012 at 8:58 pm

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You “may” find some entertaining vids that are in line with this topic… Be sure to leave a comment or two 🙂

Mike Bedard
Hi Cory, Thank You for the information. After asking “Give me one once of proof that shows BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan wanting to separate! Please use facts and not opinions; which I doubt you can!” You provided proof that the majority DO NOT want to SEPARATE and have only proven my point that your comment based on personal opinion and is backed by no facts! As per the information you provided! AS FOR LINK #1: NO SEPERATIST MEMBERS ELECTED!…..THE LEAST POPULAR PARTY DURING THE LAST ELECTION! Alberta separatism: 2000s Despite these events, Alberta separatism is still considered by many… Read more »
Cory Cameron
Mike there are many many people who are extremely upset with the decisions that our federal leaders are making in regards to Canada as of now. I see these websites as proof that there are fundamental problems with the goings on within our nation. If there weren’t any problems with our nation and everyone was content with it – then why all the evidence to the contrary? Why would these websites exist in the first place? Discontent is becomming so widely spread that our political leaders cannot ignore it anymore. There are problems in our country and language is but… Read more »

YAWN!!!…..Know what? (to no one in particular) When a small group has to attend a council meeting to request a signage by-law when there was no problem to begin with, that tells me they are making up problems where none exist. Some people like drama and bellyaching. One should take time to read the letter to the editor in the SF this AM, quite interesting indeed. I am assuming Barrie lives in SS.

So, it’s still operating in the USA. Now I bet none of this happens in Canada, pardon moi? See if you can se the sense of it all. THE NIGHT WATCHMAN Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said, “Someone may steal from it at night.” So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job. Then Congress said, “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?” So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and… Read more »

Like it duckers1. Like stuff like that…

Mike Bedard
Cory, I am against seperatist beliefs period as a resolution to any problem/s! I would stand by you to defend the english people in Quebec anyday! However, I am sorry but I don’t believe that the CCH should be Anglophone or Unilingual! I also believe that having Bilingual candidates is progressive and not regressive! I also recommended the use of Translators but ensure to mention that this would be costly but would be worth discussing! My openly and definitely not cowardly statements about the LFA are my opinion! Which I am entitled to just as you are entitled to yours!… Read more »

Mike Bedard said:

” Also, I have stated before this is a Federal and Provincial matter that needs to be brought to parliament and not set in an atmosphere where hospital workers, clinic workers and patients are scared of visiting our passing due to protest! No one seeking care should be obstructed nor harrassed while seeking professional help!”

Now mike where the people harassed?Scared?Obstructed?
Now Sir that’s called propaganda ,furthermore I guess those scared people 2800 signed that petition or were they forced at gunpoint? Is that what you will propagadize next?

Patients first, no question, however, people protesting an injustice or even a perceived injustice have no alternative but to protest at site of in grievousness. Where else would you have them foster and demand their due justice, Morristown, Lancaster or some other innocuous location having no part in their cause. To pound on the doors or either parliament, provincial or federal would also be out of plausibility due to distance costs and hearing range of local media and local politicians who can be noted directly and or via all media. One would think that the bilingual stratasferits would be getting… Read more »