Bailouts not always a good thing.

It seems as though every industry wants a bailout.   I want one too, but sadly there is no applicable category I could apply for one if I chose to.

The most successful bail out that comes to my mind was the one of Chrysler in the 80’s.   Lee Iaococca had a plan. The former management was removed and the funds were returned plus extra to the government. Thousands of jobs were saved.

It was a win win solution.

Today governments in the US and Canada are shelling out billions if not trillions of dollars bailing out companies that have about a zero chance of returning those dollars.

Politicians in theory are hired by us to serve us.    Of course there are a lot of “US’s” out there, but the reality is that huge cheques are being written that we have no way of paying for.

Bailouts for many of these companies and industries are simply delaying the inevitable at a cost nobody can afford.

Yes in times of difficulty people need help, but we all do and the reason we are in this situation is because of a rampant lack of accountability.    People talk about welfare reform and abuse; people are in jail for petty theft and minor crimes while others who defraud the public of billions walk free in comfort.

This once in a century challenge that we as a society face requires strength, integrity, and above all honesty if we as a society are going to move forward.

We as citizens need to educate ourselves to what’s going on out in the world and make sure the people we pay, we voted for, work for us, because in the end we are the ones to pay for it.

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