I’m not going to report on the Habs rumor..at least not yet. Scores

Montreal is a wonderful and wacky town.  I used to work for and with the Habs, but stories sure can get spun out of control.

A certain newspaper is going to run with a story about a few of the Habs relationship with a now convicted bad boy.

When you’re a Hab a lot of people glom onto you.   It’s part of the job and not everyone handles it as well as others.

Maybe there’s some truth to this story; but I have a hunch it’s just smoke.

Sad that some newspapers have to sink to this level to sell papers…

Carolina beat the Islanders 6-2; Philly over Buffalo 6-3; Columbus 4-3 over the Leafs; Vancouver stomped Ottawa 5-2;  NJ over TB 3-2; Chicago shut out Florida 4-0; StL 2-1 over Nashville; Calgary 3-2 over Minnesota; Dallas 4-2 over the Oilers; Phoenix 4-3 over Atl in the Shoot Out; and SJ doubled LA 4-2.

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